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Mizzou Basketball

Mizzou Hoops lands Milwaukee transfer DeAndre Gholston

Dennis Gates has two commitments in two days is a good start to the rebuild at Missouri, eh?

‘He Gets His Guys’: How Dennis Gates uses JUCO talent to rebuild

Increasingly, the transfer portal has become a go-to for coaches looking to quickly retool a roster. But Missouri’s new head man found success through a different market.

Dennis Gates is active in the portal early

Without knowing how many spots he’ll ultimately need to fill, Gates hasn’t been shy about getting involved.

‘This kid has a chance to be special’: What is Missouri getting in Mohamed Diarra?

Dennis Gates’ first commitment is the top JUCO product in the nation. We turned to’s Cody Hopkins for quick breakdown.

Mohamed Diarra, top JUCO post, Commits to Missouri

Dennis Gates hasn’t wasted any time getting his first commitment, just a few days after being named head coach.

Roster Math: What does Dennis Gates have working for him?

There are spots available, and we also try to dissect who Gates should prioritize in trying to bring back in the fold.

PODCAST: The Dennis Gates is OUR Head Coach Episode.

This episode is all about Mizzou’s new head coach, Dennis Gates, the roster, and potential coaching staff.

This stream has:

Dennis Gates, new Mizzou Head Basketball Coach, Roster, Recruiting, News

Our one stop shop for all the new surrounding new Missouri head basketball coach, Dennis Gates.

Javon Pickett enters the transfer portal

The Senior wing has an extra year of eligibility due to a COVID year.

Trevon Brazile enters the transfer portal

The high-upside forward becomes the third Missouri freshman to exit the program, and retaining him will be a priority for a new staff as it settles in.

Raising the bar at Missouri

Dennis Gates has a full plate as he takes over the head coaching job at Mizzou, and that includes changing how skeptics view the program.

Looking back on some of Dennis Gates’ biggest recruiting successes

Mizzou’s new coach has a reputation as an ace recruiter, so let’s look at some of the best players he’s helped sign.

Dennis Gates officially named new Head Coach of Mizzou Basketball

Gates is the 20th head coach in the history of the program.

Bracket Challenge Update: Our staff is failing miserably with one surprise exception

It would seem that March has made mad lads of us all.

Dennis Gates is a lot more in the box hire than you think

There seems to be some unrest about Dennis Gates, but no hire is a good or a bad hire until they’ve had a chance to do the job.

Report: Mizzou is hiring Dennis Gates for their head coaching position

Pete Thamel broke the news, Dave Matter has confirmed now, and we all reacted.

PODCAST: Discussing the Mizzou coaching search and Dennis Gates(!?!)

While Sam and the Matts recorded a conversation about coaching candidates, news broke about Dennis Gates and Mizzou.

A Second Look: Why Grant McCasland might be right for Mizzou

Maybe everyone — administrators, fans, and a certain online search committee — has been neglecting a fantastic option in a coach that overhauled North Texas.

Coaching Search Bracket: Final Four Results — and an end?

A dead-heat between Matt McMahon and Todd Golden fell apart midway through Friday, and the possibility of Chris Holtmann is basically none. Then came word of an imminent hire.

Matt McMahon is a really, really good basketball coach

The timing may not work out, but Matt McMahon is a really good coach regardless.

Coaching Search Bracket: Final Four

We know why you’re here. You watched Murray State and San Francisco. You know you want Todd Golden or Matt McMahon. Vote away. Oh, and Chris Holtmann faces Thad Matta.

Coaching Search Bracket — Round 2: Power Players and Risk Tolerance Regions

This side of the bracket asked you to deal in hypotheticals, which both proved more attractive than the one actual candidate — Jerome Tang — for Mizzou’s vacancy.

Aidan Shaw re-opens his recruitment

Mizzou’s top rated recruit since the 2017 class is going to look around, and another spot for the roster next season has come open.

Coaching Search Bracket: Dana Altman vs. Chris Holtmann

Dana Altman owns a stellar resumé but is costly. What if there is a successful candidate with an affordable buyout? What if MU could poach Ohio State’s head man?

Coaching Search Bracket: Jerome Tang vs. Thad Matta

For long-tenured assistants like Jerome Tang, the results running their own programs are mixed. That’s not the case for Thad Matta, but five years after drop-foot forced him out Ohio State, any chance of a return seems slim. Which presents less risk?

Coaching Search Bracket — Round 2: Young Bloods and Steady Risers Results

San Francisco’s Todd Golden and Murray State’s Matt McMahon will have a joint audition today in the NCAA Tournament, and meet Friday in our bracket.

Kim English might just be the right move

After just one bumpy season at George Mason, Kim English might still be the right call at Missouri.

Coaching Search Bracket: Darian DeVries vs. Matt McMahon

Darian DeVries’ took over for Niko Medved at Drake, and he does so now in our bracket after three consecutive 20-win seasons at Drake. But is DeVries’ resumé enticing enough to eliminate Murray State’s Matt McMahon?

Coaching Search Bracket: Jeff Linder vs. Todd Golden

Todd Golden’s elevated San Francisco over three seasons, but he didn’t do the heaviest lifting for the Dons. Meanwhile, Jeff Linder’s a rebuild specialist, but will that process — especially recruiting — scale up?

Coaching Search Bracket: Power Players Region Results

Dana Altman coasted against Kevin Willard, but a split decision over Kyle Smith or a mystery candidate required some mediation.


Matt and Sam welcome college basketball expert Blake Lovell to the podcast to talk Mizzou and other schools’ head coach openings.

Coaching Search Bracket: Kyle Smith vs. The Field

Kyle Smith’s quietly deployed a Moneyball approach to make over Washington State, arguably the toughest high-major job in the country. Or do you want to bet on an unknown coming out of nowhere?


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