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Former Missouri football players react to TJ Moe's latest airing of dirty laundry

The former Mizzou receiver's comments about the 2009 bowl team stirred up some responses from other former Tigers

TJ Moe wrote an article yesterday at Gridiron Now about how college football players approach bowl games. Depending on who you ask, it was either informative or too informative, specifically the part where Moe implied Mizzou lost to Navy because of one bad practice.

"I remember the first day we had practice in Houston, 90 percent of our roster was hung over. It was like an episode of "The Walking Dead." To this day, it remains the worst practice I’ve ever been a part of. Incidentally, we got pummeled 35-13 by Ricky Dobbs and Navy that game. Wonder why?"

Jarrell Harrison, a safety who played on Mizzou's 2009 and 2010 bowl teams, responded to TJ Moe's comments about the 2009 bowl team being hungover for the first practice

This isn't the first time Moe has "called out" teammates. He blamed Mizzou's 2012 loss to Florida on James Franklin breaking up with then girlfriend Molly Kreklow.

There was also the incident a little over a month ago, when the football team's announced boycott spurred many former players to take to Twitter. Moe was among those voicing his opinion on racial issues on campus, and he took a different stance than many of his teammates. Among others, E.J. Gaines and L'Damian Washington chimed in to remind him that he might have been the beneficiary of the Mizzou football family not publicizing every grievance.

Clearly for some, there is no "statute of limitations" on what happens on a football team. Mizzou under Gary Pinkel made the concept of "family" part of the football team's culture, and Moe's article incited more than a few responses.

Lucas Vincent, Moe's teammate from 2010-12, had this to say about Moe's article.

Jimmie Hunt, also a teammate of Moe's from 2010-12, offered his opinion.

Probably the best comment came from Robert Steeples, who played corner for Mizzou from 2008-2011 before transferring to Memphis in 2012 (coincidentally Barry Odom's first year as defensive coordinator). He offered his opinion on Moe in song form:

Anything to add, Greg Bracey?

Perhaps TJ Moe should do likewise. There are plenty of former athletes, from every school, who have gone on to have successful non-football careers after college that didn't involve airing of dirty laundry.