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Maty Mauk has been dismissed from the Missouri football program

Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Missouri head coach Barry Odom just released this statement:

"I met with Maty Mauk this morning and informed him of my decision to permanently dismiss him from the football program. When I met with Maty back in December, I wanted to give him an opportunity for a fresh start, but I also made it very clear what our expectations would be moving forward. After gathering information and speaking with a number of individuals this week, it is clear Maty has failed to live up to those expectations by violating team rules in recent weeks.

As for the video appearing on social media this week, it is concerning, but we believe it is from a long time ago. However, Maty’s failure to live up to expectations in recent weeks was the reason for this decision.

We believe it is in his best interest to focus on his personal life and his academic career at this time. We remain committed to helping him work through the challenges and earn his degree. Our hope is that he will grow from this and we wish him the very best in his future endeavors."

With that, Mauk's tumultuous career at Mizzou ends. The Tigers were 17-5 when Mauk started, but he was suspended three different times since the start of the 2015 football season, and at some point it appeared the well was simply too poisoned for him to remain in Columbia any longer.