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VIDEO: Missouri players discuss loss to LSU

RMN’s Tramel Raggs was among the credentialed media for Missouri’s 42-7 loss to LSU. Here are some clips from the postgame media scrum.

Drew Lock
Drew Lock after the LSU game
Tramel Raggs / YouTube

Drew Lock

“They played a little different stuff on certain downs that no one expected. But we adjusted. We just didn’t execute well enough. We should’ve made some plays; obviously there were some plays there for us to make.”

“We can’t make the same mistakes throughout the year. We’ve got a lot of games left, a lot of time to prove ourselves. That’s the main point for us.”

Paul Adams

“I think we have one of the best offensive lines in the country. I think that we’ve worked really hard this offseason, and I think that what we showed today was not who we were. Granted, we haven’t been playing against opponents like LSU, but ... we have a week off to prepare for Florida and show our talent again.”

Ish Witter

“We all have our struggles. We can’t put it all on one person. Drew’s a great quarterback.”

Corey Fatony

“Coach Odom put emphasis on this: We’ve gotta link arms, and we’ve gotta grow close as a team. ... There’s guys that played their hearts out, played their guts out. It’s not a good feeling.”