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The Missouri Tigers are one of college football's best overachieving teams

Missouri is getting their money's worth from the football program.

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The Missouri Tigers have spent a lot of money building the program into national prominence and have seen those dollars rewarded better than most of the rest of college football.

The graph below, compiled by Ross Benes over on the motherboard put the chart together using data from the U.S.

To see how much each school spent on football, I looked at data from the U.S. Department of Education. To measure on-field results, the Massey composite, an index that averages dozens of rankings including the AP Poll and computer ratings. (That means Alabama finishes a little lower than you'd expect. The Tide had 13 combined losses in 2006 and 2007, for what it's worth.)

Missouri is 15th in the overall spending/success differential, the 4th highest Power 5 program and the 2nd highest SEC program. They have a 5-1 record against the teams above them in differential.

Team Conf. Success Spending Diff.
Boise State MWC 20.6 83.3 62.7
Nevada MWC 64.4 100.3 35.9
BYU FBSI 29.1 63.3 34.2
Arkansas State SBC 79 112 33
Louisiana Tech CUSA 74.5 106.5 32
Bowling Green MAC 77.4 109.1 31.7
NIU MAC 60.1 90.4 30.3
Utah P12 33.5 63.6 30.1
Houston AAC 51.5 80.7 29.2
Utah State MWC 77.9 106.4 28.5
Cincinnati AAC 37.5 65.9 28.4
Mississippi State SEC 42.1 64.1 22
Oregon P12 11.3 33.1 21.8
Ball State MAC 81 101.9 20.9
Missouri SEC 28.8 49.6 20.8

Obviously you can't make too much out of this because many schools are not completely honest about their finances, but taking them at face value is more fun so let's do that:

Alabama, Ohio State, Florida State, LSU, Auburn and Florida have sunk enormous amounts of money into their programs and have been rewarded with national championships in this time frame. The only "over-performer" that won a title was Florida State in 2013. Oregon has played in two title games for their money but came away empty handed.

Missouri also has a winning record against all but three of the over-performing teams on the chart - Oregon State, Oklahoma and Mississippi State. The Tigers also have winning records versus a majority of the teams outspending them, losing out only to perennial elite programs like Oklahoma and Alabama, as well as Nebraska and Texas. Missouri, Mississippi State and Ole Miss are the only over-performing teams in the SEC.

Missouri's biggest disappointments come from the bottom right quadrant with losses to Vanderbilt, Indiana and Syracuse. Wins over Syracuse or Vandy mean the 2012 or 2015 teams go bowling; a win over Indiana in 2014 means Missouri is in the national title discussion.

Notice that Missouri kicks off the first game of the 2016 season against West Virginia, a team comparable in terms of success and one that replaced the Tigers in the Big 12.