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Surprise second-stringers are the highlight of Mizzou’s summer offensive two-deep

No Micah Wilson? Dom Gicinto over Harry Ballard III? There were some minor surprises on today’s Mizzou depth chart release.

Tennessee v Missouri
Larry Rountree III
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

SEC Media Days for the 2018 college football season have begun in Atlanta. You can catch all the fun(?) on the SEC Network and online, and you can also completely choose not to without missing much.

That said, media day means the release of the new media guides, too. And those usually include updated depth charts. Mizzou doesn’t have its media guide up yet, but those in attendance in Atlanta have shared the goods.

Let’s walk through it, offense first. There are at least a few surprises.



  • Drew Lock (6’4, 225, Sr.)
  • Lindsey Scott Jr. (5’11, 210, So.) OR
  • Jack Lowary (6’4, 225, Jr.)

Both Scott and Lowary are listed ahead of sophomore Micah Wilson, last year’s backup (who is still listed on the Mizzou roster — I checked). If nothing else, that makes the battle for 2019’s starting job all the more interesting.


  • Larry Rountree III (5’10, 210, So.) OR
  • Damarea Crockett (5’11, 225, Jr.)

That these two are listed as co-starters should be a surprise to no one. Crockett began 2017 as the starter before injury, but Rountree proved himself quite a bit down the stretch.


  • Emanuel Hall (6’3, 200, Sr.)
  • Alex Ofodile (6’2, 205, Jr.)


  • Johnathon Johnson (5’10, 185, Jr.)
  • Richaud Floyd (5’11, 190, Jr.)


  • Nate Brown (6’3, 210, Sr.)
  • Dominic Gicinto (5’9, 170, Fr.)

The only surprise I see here: Gicinto, the spring game star, making the top six ahead of JUCO transfer Harry Ballard III (who also looked good in the spring game).


  • Albert Okwuegbunam (6’5, 260, So.)
  • Kendall Blanton (6’6, 260, Sr.)

The only surprise here is I figured a third guy would be listed. The top two are laminated in place.


  • Yasir Durant (6’7, 340, Jr.)
  • Hyrin White (6’6, 295, RSFr.)


  • Kevin Pendleton (6’4, 330, Sr.)
  • Case Cook (6’5, 300, RSFr.)


  • Trystan Colon-Castillo (6’4, 315, So.)
  • Jonah Dubinski (6’2, 295, Jr.)


  • Tre’Vour Wallace-Simms (6’5, 340, Jr.)
  • Larry Borom (6’6, 345, RSFr.)


  • Paul Adams (6’6, 315, Sr.)
  • Samson Bailey (6’5, 295, Sr.)

This is maybe the biggest Mizzou offensive line I can remember — the starting five average 6’5, 328. And hell, the backups average 6’5, 306, but mainly because of what we’ll call Borom’s center of gravity.

With up to nine junior and senior starters, this is an experienced offense. But the youth movement has begun on the second string. It’ll be interesting to see which youngsters most clearly take advantage of their opportunities to post up for 2019 starting jobs.