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20 for 20: #11- Barry and Drew, Finally Come Through

Barry and Drew get the signature win they both needed oh so badly.

Missouri v Florida Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

2018: Missouri 38, Florida 17

It seemed like the ship was sinking.

The Tigers, fresh off one of the worst collapses in recent memory against Kentucky, were slated to go down to Gainesville and face a 10th ranked Gators team. Sitting at 4-4 with one win against a Power Five team, Barry Odom needed a win, and badly. This seemed to be a tough task, especially considering Odom at this point had zero wins against top 25 teams.

Enter, Drew Lock.

Both the coach and QB had been maligned for not being able to put it all together to beat good teams, but today was the day that would change. The Tigers started off slow, but it all changed with a 27 yard Larry Rountree touchdown run. Two possessions later, a touchdown pass up the seam to Albert O... and then another touchdown run, this time by Damarea Crockett. The Tigers just kept on pushing.

Missouri v Florida Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Florida would score a late touchdown, and the Tigers would go into halftime up 21-10.

Let me be completely honest, after what I had just seen happen against Kentucky, I was convinced that they would manage to mess this game up. I mean, can you blame me? I felt like Florida would eventually wake up and start playing better football. I mean, what team lays an absolute egg on Homecoming, right?


These Tigers, led by Barry Odom, came out and put a beating on the Gators. A 40 yard touchdown bomb to Kam Scott and TD on a nice slant route to Emmanuel Hall, and the game was out of reach.

For Drew Lock, this was the game that he finally put it all together. He had always been criticized (fairly or unfairly) for not winning more games against elite competition. This game finally allowed him to shut up the naysayers. As for Coach Odom, this was his signature win. It was a fun game, and for a second, gave credence to the idea that Odom was the guy for the job long term. I know that didn’t quite work out that way, but we can always take solace in the fact that they ruined the 2018 Florida Homecoming.

Missouri v Florida Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

If you wanna relive it visually, feel free to watch here.