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MV3: Two familiar names and a true freshman top the ballots against Alabama

In the first weekly MV3 ballot, Rock M’s staff voted conventionally for two picks, but went off the grid for the third.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Those of you who keep up with all of our coverage here at Rock M Nation, especially basketball, might be well aware of the term, “Trifecta.”

To be fair, you might be aware of the term anyway. But in this context, the Trifecta is a sort of MVP ballot handed out at the end of each Study Hall as determined by Adjusted Game Score. We wanted to do something similar to that for football, but unfortunately Adjusted Game Score doesn’t apply to football so... we had to get a little more old-fashioned.

We polled the Rock M Nation masthead to get their opinions on who should be awarded the Mizzou Trifecta for Week One against Alabama. And because we didn’t want to be (too) lazy and use Trifecta again, we’re nodding and winking toward our St. Louis Cardinals readership by deeming this weekly practice, “The MV3.”

This week, the MV3 is pretty straight down the middle... until the end that is.

1. Larry Rountree III

Missouri v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Damn you, Getty photographers for not getting any Rountree pictures from Week One.

Anyway, Rountree didn’t get votes on every ballot, but he topped quite a few — and for good reason. His final numbers weren’t spectacular — 14 carries for 67 yards — but Rountree was the Tigers’ most consistent option when Shawn Robinson was struggling to find his footing. Rountree broke off several big runs against Alabama’s first-team defense, moving into the Top 5 in all-time rushing yards at Mizzou and setting the pace for what should be a good-to-great senior season.

2. Nick Bolton

NCAA Football: Alabama at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

No surprise here. Mizzou’s All-American was everything the Tigers could have wanted, racking up 8 tackles, one TFL and scooping up a fumble caused by Tre Williams. There’s no reason for exaggeration or hyperbole — Bolton was really, really good. Let’s continue to appreciate him while we can.

3. Harrison Mevis

NCAA Football: Under Armour All-America Game Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

SURPRISE! Told you we went unconventional here.

Mevis aka Yung Janikowski aka The Thiccker didn’t exactly light it up against Alabama — he kicked two under-40 yard field goals and an extra point. But Missouri has been plagued by inconsistent college kickers in the past decade, and the thought of bringing on a true freshman was enough to spark unpleasant memories of shanks gone by. Mevis, however, was about as strong as you can look in a 7-point outing, booting both of his field goals through the uprights right down central. Each kick was still on an upward plane, too!

Others receiving votes: Tyree Gillespie, Shawn Robinson, Martez Manuel, Trajan Jeffcoat, Devin Nicholson, Jalen Knox

How about you? Let us know in the comments who your MV3 were against the Crimson Tide.