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NEW MERCH! Get your “Tigers vs. Bucks” shirt today!

New shirt? Working with More money to NIL? Who says no?

We used to be a blog. Then we became a podcast empire. Just wait: In one year’s time, we’ll be a clothing kingdom!

As part of our burgeoning line of chic fashion statements for men, women and children, we’re happy to announce the next piece of Rock M Radio merch: the “Tigers vs. Bucks” bowl game shirt! Featuring a festive nut-cracking design from our very own Levi Hutmacher, this will be the perfect statement piece for your trip to the Cotton Bowl!

We’re glad to once again partner with 573 Tees and owner Miki Merritt. As with our Tennessee State Champs shirt, part of the proceeds from this merch will go toward Mizzou’s NIL efforts. So while you luxuriate in your brand new cotton-soft tee, think about all the awesome players Mizzou will be able to support with your money! You’re basically a booster at that point, right? Someone should get you some benefits!

Buy the new shirt here!