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Rewatching the Mizzou Football Mini Movies

I went back, rewatched all the mini movies, and shared some thoughts.

NCAA Football: Florida at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Oh my sweet, sweet Mizzou Mini Movies.

You have given us something to look forward to as we await another Tiger Football weekend. You have helped us remember a season that went by too quickly. A season filled with hope, joy and celebration. A season where a team most often picked to finish in the bottom of the SEC reeled off 10 wins to clinch a date with Ohio State in the Cotton Bowl [Editor’s Note: We wouldn’t let Levi write about the Buckeyes because his thoughts were too explicit.]

Now, you’re probably wondering why the podcast guy is writing something. Well first thing, I love a good movie, show, short film, etc. I have worked as a director, filmmaker, producer and animator for the last 13 years. Currently, I am a producer at the University of Michigan. I know video. I love video. And I love these mini movies. So you’re probably thinking that a critique is coming. That’s not what this is for.

That’s me on the far right with my buds Evan (left) and Joseph (right) after our first Emmy win.

I wanted to create a space for us to rewatch the series together and converse about our favorite recaps and moments. We were blessed with ten mini movies this season, all bringing about different emotions. My comments are sporadic, I know, but look at them more as my moment-to-moment thoughts and feelings. Let’s revisit them, shall we?

Week One - South Dakota St.

Knowing where the season ends up, I am getting [expletive] chills. This is giving me straight up Friday Night Lights season one, episode one vibes. Good lord almighty.

Sick transition into the game. Lots of uncertainty on the season and questions about this team will soon be answered.

Watching back this made me think of all the concern surrounding QB1. Would a healed up Brady Cook prove Drink to be right all along? Time will tell!

Wow the access this film team has is remarkable. Kudos to them and the coaching staff for trusting and allowing the crew to honestly capture game day.

Ah yes, we were seeing if Schrader or Peat would be the lead running back.

That Eli Drinkwitz fist pump had emotion behind it after the 2 minute drive by Brady in the first half.

It feels like it was last season that this team gave Sam Horn a shot at taking over QB1.

Drink saw it that first game…Brady was it. Totally different QB, but he still gave Sam opportunities, which I think is a lot of growth for him as a coach.

Week Two - Middle Tennessee St.

Love the storyline flashbacks in the beginning of week two’s mini movie. Showing that MTSU has a history of giving Mizzou trouble (Brad Smith go ahead TD win, loss in 2016).

The offensive struggles in the first half after Brady’s killer performance in week one was a bit of a letdown but didn’t seem to shake the team much. They still seemed focused on the goal of snagging a W.

Tied hallfway through the third…whew.

We see Nate Peat again!

Definitely liked the pacing and story structure of the first film compared to this one. Regardless, I still enjoyed this.

Looking back, I forgot how much trouble the team had with MTSU, which makes the look backs in the beginning a cool historic foresight type of thing.

Seeing Drink behind the scenes is great. So used to clips of him from media sessions…it’s cool to see more of him in his element.

Week Three - Kansas St.

Love the radio calls of the Kansas St blowout predictions. The lead up to kickoff was beautiful. Made me get all excited. Nice job, editor!

The kick into the song during the Burden touchdown slaps. I love it. And just gives the feeling of confidence in this team. Perfect song choice and edit here. Driving the emotions of the viewer as is the game. So good.

Brady injured. UGH.

That KSU jump pass was cool man. Respect.

Brady UNLEASHED this game and it is so cool to see in this video. Especially after the earlier injury scare.

The shot of Luther celebrating after his TD at 27-24 made me so damn pumped. Crowd was rocking. Team was rocking.

Dude, Brady is insane!!


So many years where Mizzou wouldn’t have won a game like this. It was an incredible feeling seeing them overcome a lot and get a quality win in a very close game.

It’s so good to see these guys happy.
Belief on their faces, too.

This is a team.

Week Four - Memphis

Mizzou to the Lou, baby.

The Dome looks so archaic. But damn, the games that were played there. I loved watching Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt and Orlando Pace. Such a good team in 2001.

We put on for our city! Except for that turf. The turf looks so buns, man. So buns.

I cannot wait to see Marquise Johnson next year. He didn’t make a ton of plays this year but when he did, it was awesome.

Sheesh, this turf looks like crap.

Still seeing Nate Peat get work in! Weird since the second part of the season has been mostly Schrader.


Theo Wease Jr’’s dad rules.

I don’t know if the color correction enhanced it but that turf looks so ugly. [Editor’s note: I was there. It was hideous.

They should do more games in STL. Maybe invest in the Dome a bit more. OR! Here’s a crazy idea. Play a game at St. Louis City’s soccer stadium. Football on the pitch.

Week 5 - Vanderbilt

I think this is the first game where Missouri is ranked.

Calm, solemn open. I like.

Drink is a pretty good locker room speech guy, huh?

Into the second quarter and this is starting to feel like Cody Schrader’s breakout where he becomes the main man in the backfield.

Theo Wease is so fun, man. I really hope he comes back. I forgot how many awesome catches and plays he had early in the season.

Is their locker room in a tent?

That lob TD pass to Luther in the corner of the end zone in the third quarter was such a beautiful pass by Brady. He was cooking.

The team is feeling confident.

Week 6 - LSU

Let’s not talk about week 6, okay?

Week 7 - Kentucky

Whew, this game made me nervous. Especially coming off a heartbreaking loss. How will the dudes respond? Well, watch the video!

Love the locker room conversation highlight from Drink after LSU. A nice insider look after we missed a week of a mini movie.

Kentucky’s stadium is rocking.

Down 14-0 and I was scared. Cool to see behind the scenes mental space of the coaches and players in these mini movies. Schools, give your media teams access. They are here to help you, support you, and tell the right story. They’re on your side!

OMG, the Bauer fake punt pass was so freaking cool, lol. I feel like without that, this team might have had a hard time finding momentum. But that just flipped a switch.

Down 14-10 and the body language has totally changed. They can feel this win coming.

“Ted Lasso’s wearing a visor tonight…” Bruh, he almost always wears a visor.

Kentucky is only down a touchdown WITH THE BALL and they had fans leaving? Wut?

This Magic Moment was so unexpected but it fit so well.


meet the parents.

Man, that win in Kentucky was huge. Absolutely beautiful. And I think it’s a dot on the timeline of Mizzou Football where this program becomes consistently in the top-25.

At least that is my hope.

Week 8 - South Carolina

Burden is HIM.

From this game compared to the first few you just feel a whole new level of fight and confidence in this team.

I know I am probably in the minority here, but I love this uniform combo. The black pants, gold tops, gold block M helmets. Fierce, fresh and fire.

Whoever the sideline videographer is loves center framed shots. And so do I. So, nice job.

Dang, they’re just absolutely destroying the Lamecocks from Columbia (L)East.

Goldout + Gold kit is nice. You can definitely tell the atmosphere within the stadium is different than years past. Granted, I haven’t been to a home game since 2013 vs. Texas A&M. Still, I think Desiree Reed-Francois is doing wonders for Missouri.

At this point in the season it seems like Nate Peat is not in the regular lineup anymore. Sucks but Cody just absolutely took the reins and ran with it.

CoMo remains the better Columbia again and again and again and again and again.

Week 9 - Georgia

Let’s not talk about week 9, ok?

Week 10 - Tennessee

Mizzou, you’re the only ten I see ;)

Ah yes, the call back to dirty little Joshy scoring 60+ on Mizzou. Punk. Weirdo.

The side shot of Drink in the bus is a thing, now isn’t it? I like it.

Love the music in the beginning of this one along with the gameday footage.


Whoever edited this one so far was IN. THEIR. BAG. The music with the b-roll with the tv footage and the reporter interviews. Chefs kiss, Mizzou media team.

Oh man, the energy from Missouri. They knew what they had to do and it was to punish.

Harrison Mevis is a mood.

I am calling it here, Marquise Johnson breakout season next year.

They were feeling it this game. A thing of beauty.

“Let him cook. Let him drink. Cause we got that juice.”

Icing the kicker is hilarious up 36-7. A level of petty I wish to one day achieve.

The scholarship footage of Cody gave me chills. Can’t imagine what he’s been feeling this year. Good for him. Enjoy the ride, man.

Business is booming, folks!

Week 11 - Florida

Kicking it off with a little Phil Collins? OK!

Seniors…respect. You all have given us a season to remember after going through a lot.

So, I love how this media team utilizes older footage without overdoing it. And it isn’t every mini movie either, which I love. It’s a great editing tool and production technique that when used the right way works very well.

Florida is so easy to dislike.

Not gonna lie, I was nervous going into half 13-7.

Luther just bulldozing the defender right after catching was a baller move, man.

That fumble was so timely, too. Thank you for the early holiday gift, Florida.

I love this defense. I love this offense.

The music and mood change as Florida is driving, wasting time, and looking for the upset works great.

They hit the field goal and I get sad.


4th and 17 is insane, Brady.

“GOTTA HAVE IT. AND HE GETS IT!” A call that sort of defines this season.

Call him Brady Mahomes.

The next two throws are just like dagger after dagger even though Mizzou is down.


Harrison’s mom, Tina, celebrating made me emo.


What a win for this team. This game was such a metaphor for what these seniors have been through. I know Drink said that but I said it in my head before he said it.

Good for this team, good for Drink. Mizzou forever, baby.

Week 12 - Arkansas

War Pigs is such a boss song to start off with. ”Tigers gathered in their massessssss…”

Again with the important call back clips to match up with the pregame speech.

We basically got just a highlight reel here for the first half. Arkansas was lost. Like playing a juco. A JUCO! They suck.

Big emphasis on focusing on the end game by Drink. Celebrate once the final whistle blows.

Tight end game is here, hallelujah! Cannot wait to see Brett Norfleet next year.

Love the music change to a fun little celebratory moment.

When Jayden went down after scoring that touchdown I thought he was OUT, hahaha maybe he just needed a nap.

Nice to see Nate Peat back in here scoring a TD. But it reminds me of when Saracen came in to run TD in after JD McCoy had just taken his starting job in Friday Night Lights. Hope Nate is doing well!


I was going to rank this one 4th or 5th but man that ending montage was freaking good. Emotional and a wonderful quick look back (only 45 seconds!) on this season, helping everyone remember where the Tigers came from and the amazing journey along the way.

This team was and is special. It will go down in history as one of the best. And had the 12-team playoff been here, maybe it would have been the greatest team at Mizzou ever.

Mizzou is America’s team.

Nice little speed ramp on Brady’s clap there, editor.

This was awesome and I so hope we get one more mini movie, regardless of W or L in the bowl game. MIZ.

My rankings

Here is where I would rank the mini movies starting with my favorite. Feel free to rank yours in the comments below!

1 - Kansas St
2 - Arkansas
3 - Florida
4 - Tennessee
5 - Kentucky
6-10 - the rest

I loved all of these Mizzou mini movies. They filled me with joy and each had their own narrative. That’s something that’s not always easy to do when you’re filming somewhat the same thing every week. Kudos to the film and media team at Mizzou Football. I am sure way more people are involved in their processes, but the ones I was able to find are: Robert Trombley, Director of Creative Content for Mizzou Football; Gordon Meier, Assistant Creative Director for Mizzou Football; Caleb Maassen, videographer; Jacob Wizgird, videographer; Jackson David, videographer; and Julia Boessen, videographer. I am sure there is a huge team of people to shout out. And I hope I didn’t mess up any of the titles! The short films were fantastic, Mizzou media team. Thank you.

This whole rewatch has been great. It’s the perfect way to look back and remember moments in a 10-win season we might have missed or forgot. And while the Mizzou Football team’s motto is Something To Prove, you have nothing more to prove to me, Mizzou mini movies.