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Your 2023 Missouri Football Predictions

You’ve read every piece of Mizzou football content for the past 8 months so...what do you think?

West Virginia v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Are you ready? There’s college football being played next week and your Tigers are taking the field on a Thursday night. Seriously...are you ready?

If you visit Rock M with any frequency, you should be?

We’ve previewed the team.

We’ve previewed the opponents.

We’ve shown you the DNA of the 2023 team.

We’ve reviewed how many things need to go right for a magical season.

And, our Godfather Bill C. has updated his SP+ numbers to accurately reflect the transfer portal, attrition, and injuries leading up to August 16th ($).

Take a look at SP+ rankings thrown on to the schedule:

Updated Missouri Opponent SP+ Rankings

Breaking news: The SEC is really freaking good. And while Missouri’s non-con schedule is exactly what a college football team easing into a season needs - FCS at home, low-level G5 at home, P5 contender at home, feisty G5 at neutral site, low-level conference foe on the road - the K-State game will be tough even with the Wildcats rebuilding and travelling to Columbia, and the back half of the schedule is a slog.

Here’s the schedule broken down into three buckets of win probability:

Likely Wins

  • South Dakota, Middle Tennessee, at Vanderbilt (almost put this in toss up...but not yet)


  • Kansas State (I’m being generous here with “toss up”), Memphis, South Carolina, Florida, at Arkansas

Likely Losses

  • LSU, at Kentucky, at Georgia, Tennessee

Yes, having only one of your toss up games in a true road environment is a good thing.

BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK? That’s what I want to know.

Here are your questions, answer them in the comments below and let’s see what our educated readership thinks of this season:

1. What’s Mizzou’s record this year (head)?

2. What’s Mizzou’s record this year (heart)?

3. What freshman has a breakout year?

4. What transfer has the biggest impact?

5. Who is Missouri’s offensive MVP?

6. Who is Missouri’s defensive MVP?

7. Which of the teams in the “likely loss” category does Mizzou upset?

8. Mizzou’s best conference game will be against _________?

9. Mizzou’s dumbest loss will be against __________?

10. How many Mizzou games will you attend this fall?