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SB Nation Reacts: Call Your Shot on the Mizzou QB Controversy?

Who is the starter in Week 3?

NCAA Football: New Mexico State at Missouri
Could it be Sam Horn, or incumbent starter Brady Cook?
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

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With Mizzou’s kickoff on the 2023 season just days away, there seems to be very little drama in the way of the depth chart. Sure there were some surprises during the preseason practices. We thought we might see a completely reshaped OL and instead we’ll see a tweaked lineup.

Perhaps the only real surprise was seeing that Chad Bailey was going to be out a few weeks recovering from a minor procedure, and even that’s one of those things that happens.

But the one position where fans and media were hoping for some clarity is the most important position on the Football team. The Quarterback.

With Brady Cook, Sam Horn, and Jake Garcia battling it out in fall camp, Head Coach Eliah Drinkwitz was unable to determine who was the best overall guy to lead his team (at least from under center). So we’re going to see a plattoon for at least a few weeks, with the idea that Drinkwitz will see enough to name a more full time starter by Week 3.

So with all that known we ask that you call your shot now so we can all go back and laugh at the people who guessed wrong in a few weeks. jk

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