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Welcome some new faces to our Mizzou Football coverage

Site updates! Including how we’re going to fill the hole left by Brandon Kiley.

Bill Carter

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since we last talked about staff and site updates.

As you’ll remember, back at the end of November we said goodbye to Brandon Kiley. I mean, not permanently... he’s still around. He even came back and did the post-Cotton Bowl podcast! But he’s no longer a member of the Rock M Nation masthead.

We’re all sad about it. I mean, I love BK, I will always appreciate what he did here at Rock M Nation, but his timing wasn’t great. Instead of rushing to a decision on how to replace BK and his role here, there was a decision to take our time and ride with the team we had until we felt like we were sure about the answer.

The good news for the readers here, and for the future of Rock M, is that I think we have the answer. Today I’m introducing not one, but TWO new writers who I hope will be a big part of our football coverage moving forward. Let’s meet them!

The first welcome goes to Chad Moller who joins the Rock M team after spending a quarter century with another team you may be familiar with - the Missouri Tigers. If you recognize his name it’s because he ran the department of athletics’ communications/media office. You may have seen his name mentioned as a spokesman when something bad happened, because “nobody else would want to talk to reporters,” as he likes to joke.

As an out-of-state J-Schooler, Moller fell in love with the Tigers during his undergrad days in Columbia from 1987-91. He got his shot with Mizzou as an overworked and underpaid intern in 1992, and he would remain a fixture in Tiger Athletics until March 2020 when things went a bit wonky everywhere.

Moller served as Mizzou legend Norm Stewart’s media guy for his last three years (and claims that Stormin’ Norman fired him at least three times along the way), then later moved to run football comms. There he helped promote a ton of Tigers who won first-team All-America status, and of course, Mizzou’s 2007 Heisman Trophy finalist in Chase Daniel. He won a couple of industry best-in-nation awards for his media guides, and in 2022 was selected into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame! He’ll begin his Rock M tenure contributing articles related to Tiger football and other national topics through a Mizzou lens. At some point, if he survives the double-secret probationary period that he doesn’t know about, we might give him a mic down the road to dabble in the podcasting world.

I’m super excited about adding Chad to the team, and I think his experience and knowledge in and around Mizzou are going to provide us with a very unique voice in the Mizzou media-sphere. And something that should help us continue to elevate our profile as the best place for Mizzou coverage.

Next is Nathan Hurst. Nathan has been following the Tigers since he began as a freshman at Mizzou in 2004, with the intent on being the next great ESPN football play-by-play broadcaster. That’s something I think a lot of us can relate to.

Growing up in Austin, Texas, Nathan was (temporarily) indoctrinated with burnt orange by his Longhorn alum grandfather but saw the light soon after leaving the Lone Star State. While he quickly realized that his future wasn’t as a more attractive version of (True Son) Tom Hart, he never lost his passion for college football, especially the black and gold flavor (he met his wife on Mizzou message board if that tells you anything.) Fast forward 20 years and two degrees from the Mizzou J-school, and Columbia still hasn’t found a way to get rid of him.

As a Rock M Nation contributor, Nathan will co-host the Beyond the Box Score podcast with Nate Edwards. The Nates have known each other since their undergrad days in Marching Mizzou. Nathan will be contributing weekly written stories on the website on top of his podcasting appearances and will bring a passionate (sometimes too passionate for his blood pressure) fan perspective to Rock M. He loves college football and he loves Mizzou and he expects both of those passions to be quite evident immediately.

Replacing BK was always going to be impossible because BK is a very unique guy in media. His experience in radio made him a perfect podcast co-host, and also it helped him be able to be one step ahead of where the conversation was heading. So we decided to moneyball the approach to replacing BK. Nathan and Chad both bring new and unique perspectives as well. And while they don’t have the experience with the media world that BK brought, neither is lacking in experience in and around Mizzou sports.

This is the first of what I hope to be many big moments for the future of Rock M Nation coming in 2024. So let’s welcome Chad and Nathan, and exclaim a hearty M-I-Z at them virtually!