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A Game of Numbers: Georgia

And now we're back to the bad times.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Sam covered this all pretty thoroughly in Study Hall, and I think we're all getting pretty tired of talking about the same things over and over again, so I'm going to fight my verbose nature and try to keep this one short.  It's mostly bad, but I'll throw the gifs of a few good things throughout to break up the sadness.  On to the numbers.


This team needs about 100 pounds in muscle distributed among 5 freshmen and 1 sophomore.  Against Georgia, as against many other teams this season, they just could not match up with the opposing players physically.  They got moved off their spot, they got outmanned on the boards, and they went to great lengths to avoid contact because they weren't strong enough to fight through it.  The number of gimmes our guys have missed this year is a testament to the need for just a little bit more weight, just a little bit more strength, to compete in the SEC, where they officiate their basketball like they do their football.


This team also has 2 guys on the time for whom size and strength isn't an issue: Keanau Post and Ryan Rosburg.  Unfortunately, Rosburg's limited athleticism and Post's limited consistency keep them both from contributing when matched up with frontcourt players against whom they do not have a marked advantage.  Rosburg can contribute a little when he completely outmatches his opponent's strength, and Post can do the same when his opponent lacks comparable athleticism.


Keith Shamburger, Johnathan Williams III, Namon Wright, Montaque Gill-Caesar, and Jakeenan Gant combined to miss 30 of 42 shots.  Those 5 guys are the best offensive players Kim Anderson can send out there this year, and there was absolutely no efficiency to be found among any of them.  The Florida game demonstrated that, if someone, anyone on the team will score with consistency, this coaching staff will find a way to get them the ball in a position to do so.  But in a game like this, all you can do is hit random buttons and hope something good happens.  Nothing did.


The box score lists 8 team rebounds for Georgia, 2 more than the 6 boards J3 managed to amass en route to being the Tigers' leading rebounder.  Yeah...our guys got absolutely destroyed on the glass.  Moving on.


It's a 735 mile drive from Stegeman Coliseum to Mizzou Arena, where Mizzou plays the Auburn Tigers on Tuesday night.  Mizzou just barely missed a shot to beat Auburn at their house in the second game of conference play; if they can rally from a disappointing loss and take advantage of the friendly confines of Norm Stewart Court, they may be able to steal one more win before the season wraps up.

Good luck, guys.  See you on Tuesday.