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Wes Clark no longer with Missouri's basketball team

Timothy Tai-USA TODAY Sports

So in the time it took you to make dinner on this Tuesday evening, Missouri's basketball team was dealt another obstacle:

The text:

Wes Clark has failed to meet the academic expectations of the Mizzou Athletics Department and is no longer a member of the men's basketball program. Due to this issue relating to academics, Mizzou Athletics will have no further comment.

Now, this statement was made a bit confusing by a tweet from Clark that followed:

This might mean that Mizzou's statement was poorly worded and that he could resume activities with the team when he meets certain athletic expectations. Or it could simply mean "You can't fire me -- I quit." I assume the latter, but we'll see.

This season, Clark has led Missouri with 662 minutes played (26.5 per game). He has averaged 9.8 points, 3.0 rebounds, and 3.0 assists per game. If he is indeed off the team for good, that would mean Missouri would project to have only one senior once again next year (Russell Woods), and it could mean Mizzou's tenuous Academic Progress Rate (APR) situation could take a hit. That could eventually mean a reduction in scholarships or practice time or a postseason ban. Obviously the scholarships would be a bigger punishment than the lack of a postseason at the moment.

This school year, man.