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Missouri Blows Out Georgia with Potent Second Half, 64-39

This game wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world to watch in the first half, but the Tigers picked things up and whooped the Bulldogs Wednesday night.

Mizzou Basketball Twitter (@MizzouHoops)

Not everything has to be pretty.

Missouri’s 64-39 victory over Georgia Wednesday night certainly wasn’t, and neither has this 2018-19 season that has just one game remaining.

The best way to summarize this game is that if you threw next month’s rent on the under, you’re probably one happy camper. And if you didn’t, well, you should’ve seen that one coming in a matchup between two teams with six combined SEC wins.

But hey! The Tigers actually won a conference game! Nice!


As if a 2-2 start with over five minutes played wasn’t ugly enough, a one minute stretch in the beginning of the second half may have given that a run for its money. After the 25th and 26th consecutive missed 3-pointers of the night, Javon Pickett attempted to pick up a loose ball. It went through his hands and out of bounds.

The following possession, Mitchell Smith grabbed a defensive rebound only to have it ripped from his hands, leading to the fourth Tiger foul of the half in as many minutes.

But then the tide changed. Torrence Watson started draining 3’s and the Missouri offense got going to put this one out of reach. Even with that, it’s hard to say the Tigers won this one instead of Georgia losing it. To put in perspective just how bad the Bulldogs were playing Wednesday night, here’s a little stat for you:

With just over 13 minutes left, Jordan Geist had 14 points on 6-for-10 shooting, while Georgia had 16 total points on 6-for-33 shooting. Six-for-33!!

Regardless of whether Missouri won this game or Georgia lost it, though, the thing that matters most is that the Tigers’ hopes of finishing .500 at 15-15 is still alive — that and it looks like a first round matchup with the Bulldogs in the SEC Tournament wouldn’t pose too much trouble.

Missouri has one more regular season game before that possibility comes to fruition — a matchup with Ole Miss (19-11, 9-8 SEC) at 2:30 p.m. Saturday at Mizzou Arena.

That’ll be the final game in CoMo for seniors Adam Wolf, Kevin Puryear, Jordan Geist and Cullen Vanleer. All four will be honored on Senior Day — four guys that have been through the lowly Kim Anderson days and persevered to enjoy an NCAA Tournament a year ago. We hope to hear plenty of cheers and “We Want Wolf!” chants come Saturday afternoon.