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Will Kobe Brown land at Mizzou?

We’re counting down the days till Brown’s decision, and we’ve narrowed down the options a bit.

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On Tuesday we learned that 3-star wing/forward/guard/positionless player Kobe Brown was cutting his list to four schools.

Shortly after he announced a decision date:

In the following days we did some digging to try and determine where this might be heading. Immediately after his post I guessed Penn State. And here’s where we are now:

Multiple sources have cancelled out the chances for Vanderbilt, and Minnesota. Eliminating two of the top four is helpful, so we’re basically down to my most recent prediction of Penn State, and Missouri.

Since then Alex Schiffer posted his recruiting update and he had his own prediction:

I’m not one to make predictions, but I think Missouri lands Brown next week. I’ll eat all the crow you want if I’m wrong. But I’m usually not.

Schiffer is not one to lack for confidence, and I’m not sure I’m willing to go out on the limb he’s on just yet, but I will say I’m prepping a commitment piece in case I have to have one ready. I think the quietness with which Mizzou recruits coupled with how silent the Brown camp has been has led to a lot of open questions in this situation. Nobody really knows what’s going to happen and that includes national recruiting analysts.

However, there’s something to be said for the silence and it makes me think Schiffer is onto something. Whether he specifically knows or not what we DO know is it’s basically down to Penn State and Missouri. The Nittany Lions have minutes available and the position Brown wants to play. Missouri? Things are more complicated because of the existing depth.

But this is where Cuonzo Martin is known for his ability to recruit. It’s not for hauling in elite guys every class, it’s for finding guys who will buy into his no-nonsense style and run with it. Maybe Kobe Brown is that guy?

Either way, we’ll be ready.

Turn the page on Justice Sueing

If you missed it, I made a plea for Missouri to pursue Sueing. I’m a fan. he’s a bigger wing who rebounds well and can score on a lot of levels, well he committed to Ohio State last night:

There was a previous relationship with Mizzou head coach Cuonzo Martin, but the Tigers never seemed to kick up enough interest to draw Sueing to campus. Either way it didn’t matter as Sueing committed to OSU and he would seem to be a solid fit in that program.

I’d like to welcome our new wrestling overlord, Coach Tyrel Todd!