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Can Dennis Gates and C.Y. Young elevate Missouri recruiting?

Recruiting is still complicated.

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Recruiting matters.

I know we’re breaking serious ground here. But last summer I dove into an attempt to explain why Mizzou Basketball is more complicated,

Basically Cuonzo Martin didn’t get it done, specifically in the last season. One of the main reasons the team struggled last year was a lack of recruiting. Martin and his assistants didn’t pull in the players.

We’ve spent a good amount of time talking about the financials, so when Dennis Gates was hired, the first question out of many people’s mouths was going to be “What’s the assistant pool?”

Dave Matter initially reported it was $915,000. With the hire of Charlton “C.Y.” Young and his reported deal of 3 years and $1.8 million dollars, Mizzou has committed to playing some very real money for a guy known for getting players.

When we’ve discussed the lack of assistant pay going on at Missouri, it was never meant to insist on paying the existing assistants more. But instead it was about committing resources to known quantities. Investing into guys who get dudes.

While at Florida State, Dennis Gates was known for getting dudes. And by his side was Young, getting more dudes. Florida State built a powerhouse in Tallahassee over the last 10 years, where NCAA tournaments and NBA Draft picks were the norm. You can win without NBA level guys, but you won’t win big. And if MIzzou wants to win big it’s going to need to find those NBA level guys.

So who is the Matthew Cleveland, Scottie Barnes, Patrick Williams, or Jonathan Isaac?

Right now Gates looks like he’s mostly focused on making sure he can field a competitive roster next season, so you’re seeing a lot transfers and JUCO looks. But there are a couple early names it might be worth keeping an eye on. It may be nothing, but let’s see if we can connect a few dots.

  • Elijah Fisher, 2023 5-star Wing

Fisher is a wing from Canada with a Florida State offer. Fisher is also followed on twitter by Matt Cline, Cline has been working behind the scenes as Dennis Gates’ special assistant.

  • Isaiah Collier, 2023 5-star Point Guard

Collier is a high level point guard from Georgia (prime Auburn recruiting area), and has an offer from FSU and was being recruited by Young.

  • Kris Parker, 2023 4-star Wing

Parker is another recruit who had heavy interest from Florida State and Young. The 30th ranked player and 4th rated shooting guard in the class, Parker is a Florida native so it might be tough to pry him out.

  • Julian Phillips, 2022 5-star Combo Forward

Phillips isn’t a big area of need as he’s a similar player to Aidan Shaw, but he was an LSU Commit with an offer from FSU. Phillips is on the market still, and it would seem likely that Missouri would at least inquire.

  • Malik Reneau, 2022 5-star Post

Another previously committed prospect on the move with a coaching change, Reneau was headed to Florida before backing off after Mike White left. He’s a top 30 level player and is in high demand, but he did have FSU interest the first go around.

  • Eric Dailey, 2022 4-star Post

Dailey has yet to give a commitment, and the athletic IMG Forward has options, but he did have an offer from FSU and he’s available. So again, just something worth monitoring.

This is obviously a small list, and by no means complete. But it should give us a quick glance into the type of players who were connected to FSU and Young before he took the job with Gates at Missouri. Landing higher level players is the result of a lot of things. It’s the result of coaches putting in the work, fans supporting the program, but most of all a clear vision and support from the administration. With the kind of money Mizzou spent to bring in proven talent-getters like Gates and now Young, I don’t think we’re talking about if Gates and Young can elevate recruiting at Missouri... it’s more a matter of when.