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Mizzou Basketball 2022 Transfer Tracker

Mizzou is involved with a LOT of transfers, so far. The list is long, and we’re still figuring out where the priorities are.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 25 Wisconsin Milwaukee at Cleveland State

UPDATE Monday, May 9th: Jamarion Sharp opted to return to Western Kentucky. Leaving no further known players who Missouri has been listed as being in contact with.

UPDATE May 1-8: Xavier Foster committed to SMU, and with it, leaves just one known transfer target: WKU’s Jamarion Sharp. UTEP wing Souley Boum picked Xavier. The transfer portal officially closed on May 1st.

UPDATE April 24-30: Courtney Ramey trimmed MU from contention when he released finalists for his services. Kyrell Luc picked St. Bonaventure, and Dylan Penn opted for Vermont — decisions that closed out the point guard section of the board. On Friday, Fardaws Amiq committed to Texas Tech. Meanwhile, Terrence Shannon is headed to Illinois, while fellow Chicagoan Adam Miller is deciding between a return to LSU or a move to TCU.

UPDATE April 17-23: D’Moi Hodge and Nick Honor committed to Missouri. Callum McRae committed to Sacramento State. Terry Roberts to Georgia. Rayshon Harrison to Grand Canyon. Trey Bonham to Florida. Darrin Green Jr to Florida State. Warren Washington to Arizona State. MU reached out to UTEP transfer Souley Boum. Jason Roche committed to Richmond. Antonio Reeves picked Kentucky. That empties out the wing section of MU’s board. Kyrell Luc removed after releasing a final list of schools. Femi Odukale listed a final five. Washington State transfer Eke Abogidi trimmed Mizzou from his list.

UPDATE April 10 - 16: Drexel transfer Cam Wynter commits to Penn State. Tristen Newton commits to UConn. Missouri reaches out to UCF transfer Darin Green Jr. Noah Carter, the Northern Iowa transfer, committed to Missouri. Tre Gomillion from Cleveland State committed to Missouri. Missouri also was bounced from the Sean McNeil list.

UPDATE April 4 - 9: Xavier Pinson has a final two of Xavier and Mississippi State. Belmont wing Will Richard committed to Florida. Akron transfer Ali Ali committed to Butler. N.C. State transfer Cam Hayes committed to LSU. Meanwhile, Clemson transfer Nick Honor named MU among his finalists, along with Minnesota and SMU. Missouri has reported interest in Cleveland State transfers D’Moi Hodge and Tre Gomillion. Missouri has shown interest and been in contact with Texas transfer, and Missouri native, Courtney Ramey. And Warren Washington released a final list of schools that did not include Missouri. Mark Sears committed to Alabama. Fardaws Aimaq said he was focuing on schools that did not include Mizzou. Both Dylan Penn and Jason Roche are joining Noah Carter for a visit to Mizzou this weekend. Mizzou made contact with VMI Transfer PG Trey Bonham. We’re going to switch this up and allow it to be a sort of running post. I’ll post when this was updated above, and mark the updates below. Hopefully this helps us all keep track together. Also a note, this is for 4 year transfers only. JUCO and High School recruiting will be kept separate since the transfer market is very fluid.

ORIGINAL: For the last few weeks, the two Matts and I have been retweeting and compiling a long list of players in the transfer portal who have been contacted by Missouri. And we have not yet really talked about it. So let’s dig in, and see who is available and on a pretty extensive list.

Point Guards

NCAA Basketball: East Carolina at Memphis Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports
  • Nick Honor — COMMITTED
  • Dylan Penn — Committed to Vermont
  • Xavier Pinson — Committed to New Mexico State
  • Kyrell Luc — Committed to St. Bonaventure
  • Cam Hayes — Committed to LSU
  • Mark Sears — Committed to Alabama
  • Tristen Newton — Committed to UConn
  • Camren Wynter — Committed to Penn State
  • Terry Roberts — Committed to Georgia
  • Trey Bonham — Committed to Florida

The point guard is clearly a position of need, and while it took some time, Gates landed a pair of them to kick off his reboot. With Penn’s decision, we can wipe this section of the board clean.

Combo Guards

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Drexel at Illinois Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports
  • Tre Gomillion — COMMITTED
  • Adam Miller — Returning to LSU
  • Courtney Ramey: Eliminated Mizzou
  • Femi Odukale — Committed to Seton Hall
  • Rayshon Harrison — Committed to Grand Canyon
  • Darin Green, Jr. — Committed to Florida State
  • Sean McNeil — Committed to Ohio State

Combo guard was a little less of a need. Then Amari Davis entered the transfer portal. Tre Gomillion is now in the fold, and you can shift Honor or East off the ball. D’Moi Hodge or Kaleb Brown might also be emergency options. Regardless, there’s an opportunity for MU to further upgrade the backcourt with two scholarships open. MU made cursory contact with UTEP’s Souley Boum, but every indication is that it’s gone no further.


NCAA Basketball: Missouri Valley Conference Tournament- Northern Iowa Panthers vs Illinois State Redbirds Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports
  • DeAndre Gholston — COMMITTED
  • D’Moi Hodge — COMMITTED
  • Isaiah Adams — Committed to Buffalo
  • Jason Roche — Committed to Richmond
  • Antonio Reeves — Committed to Kentucky
  • Terrence Shannon, Jr — Committed to Illinois
  • Will Richard — Committed to Florida
  • Ali Ali — Committed to Butler
  • Erik Stevenson — Committed to West Viriginia
  • Eric Williams Jr. — Professional Route
  • Souley Boum — Committed to Xavier

Hodge is a blur in transition and a potent cutter. Meanwhile, Gholston’s actually a sneaky good shooter off the catch. Oh, and Aidan Shaw will covet minutes, too. Jarron Coleman moving on clears up a bottleneck. Dennis Gates could also deploy the versatile Gomillion here, too. As far as guards go, Elijah Fisher, a 2023 prospect who might reclassify, probably merits the most attention.

Combo Forwards

NCAA Basketball: Missouri Valley Conference Tournament- Northern Iowa Panthers vs Loyola Ramblers Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports


NCAA Basketball: Utah Valley at Utah Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports
  • Jamarion Sharp — Re-committed to Western Kentucky
  • Xavier Foster — Committed to SMU
  • Fardaws Aimaq — Committed to Texas Tech
  • Warren Washington — Committed to Arizona State
  • Callum McRae — Committed to Sacramento State
  • Efo Agobidi — Eliminated Missouri

Let’s be real. Sharp’s the only known transfer with whom MU’s heavily involved. The deadline to enter the portal and still have immediate eligibility has come and gone. And we haven’t seen or heard of any other prospects on MU’s radar. It also means outbound traffic is also done.

There are two openings, and Sharp, who was supposedly set to visit Columbia this week, is the obvious focus. MU could pocket its final scholarship, but shoring up the post remains an important item on the to-do list. Kobe Brown, Ronnie DeGray III, and Noah Carter are all smaller than 6-foot-8, and none of them is a rim protector. As for Mohamed Diarra, the top JUCO prospect in the country will need to bulk up and grow comfortable defending SEC bigs.

Beyond Sharp, there aren’t easily identifiable alternatives. Even prep options are scant. Fort Zumwalt North’s Connor Turnbull renewed his commitment to Butler. And despite a quick visit and offer, MU never seemed to press the issue with Blair Oaks’ Luke Northweather, who picked Oklahoma.

At this point there are no known targets in the transfer portal. The portal is officially closed for players who have not already entered, and who would be seeking eligiblity to play next season. If that changes, we’ll obviously update the tracker, but for not it looks like Missouri may be out of options (or, at the very least, KNOWN options).