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Mizzou Basketball Recruiting

Aidan Shaw re-opens his recruitment

Mizzou’s top rated recruit since the 2017 class is going to look around, and another spot for the roster next season has come open.

Anton Brookshire enters the transfer portal

The freshman guard missed the last 10 games of the season with a wrist injury.

This stream has:

Preseason 2021-22 Mizzou Basketball: Previews, Recruiting & More

A stream of stories about Mizzou’s preseason.

Roster Math: Aidan Shaw’s a high-end component for Mizzou’s stylistic shift

With a prime target now in the fold, the Tigers can also turn their attention to the 2023 recruiting cycle.

What kind of player is Cuonzo Martin getting in Aidan Shaw?

Aidan Shaw’s commitment provides Mizzou with a top-end talent it’s long coveted in Columbia.

Four-star Wing Aidan Shaw commits to Missouri

The top-60 prospect is a vital recruiting win for coach Cuonzo Martin and gives the Tigers a player who blurs the line between a wing and forward.

Random Sunday Mizzou Things: Top Four!

Recruiting is always something people want to talk about, right?

Scouting Profile: Christian Jones is learning what he can do — and so are we

The East St. Louis point guard is a perfect avatar for recruiting during the pandemic. For Mizzou, his tools were too tantalizing to pass up.

Recruiting is sometimes complicated, pt 2

A common refrain, "Drink is doing it, so why can’t Zo?" needs a bit more nuance.

Recruiting is sometimes complicated

The headline isn’t great, but I wanted to talk about this a little.

Roster Math: Christian Jones kicks off the 2022 class

We’re not expecting a big class, but this is a good start.

East St. Louis’ Christian Jones commits to Missouri

The Flyers point guard saw his stock elevated during team camps in June, and the Tigers quickly locked down their first commit of the 2022 cycle.

Is the 2022 board shifting... just a bit?

Some recent offers to more local prospects went out as Mizzou welcomed its top targets in for official visits.

Is Aidan Shaw Cuonzo Martin’s most important recruit?

As the 4-star Blue Valley product starts his visit, let’s discuss why he might be Cuonzo’s most important recruit.

In June, we talk about recruiting

Without much going on, there’s only one real newsmaker this time of year, so let’s talk a little about it.

2023 and... ugh... 2024 offers and interest for Mizzou Basketball

Scouting Profile: The Shades of Ronnie DeGray III

After several years — and a New England detour — the hybrid forward with a stoic demeanor to reach his high-major goal. How did his multifaceted game form, and what value can it bring to Mizzou?

UMass transfer Ronnie DeGray III commits to Mizzou

The versatile combo forward isn’t a stranger to the Mizzou coaching staff and joins the Tigers after a disjointed freshman campaign for the Minutemen.

Is Mizzou Basketball looking at JUCO players?

There are a few interesting players at the JUCO level who Missouri might be trying to get involved with.

The portal stays open and pulls in a few Mizzou Football players

Mizzou Basketball, Mizzou Football... nobody is safe from the transfer portal.

On Completing the Mizzou Basketball Roster

Missouri has two spots remaining, and a definite need, so where do they turn to fill them?


I hooked up with Luke Thompson from to discuss the now completed transaction where Missouri Basketball picked up Mark Smith for DaJuan Gordon.

This stream has:

Mizzou Basketball Offseason 2021: Transfers out, transfers in, and Recruiting

Everything going on with the big 2021 offseason for Cuonzo Martin and the Tigers.

Ball State transfer Jarron Coleman picks the Tigers

Cuonzo Martin is on a little hot streak.

Mizzou Basketball gets commitment from K-State transfer DaJuan Gordon

The former 3-star prospect from Chicago should help bolster Missouri on the wing.

Mizzou transfer target Brandon McKissic picks Florida

The UMKC transfer’s decision leaves Mizzou hunting for more help to fill backcourt undergoing an overhaul this offseason.

The portal is wild, but it creates opportunity

For better or worse, how a coach works the transfer epidemic leads to the next step for any program, but especially at Missouri.

BREAKING: Torrence Watson enters the transfer portal

Verbal Commits broke the news, since an MU spokesperson has confirmed.

Mark Smith enters the transfer portal

Et tu, Mark Smith? But seriously, he wasn’t expected back so what are we talking about exactly?

Amari Davis is the first step in the roster reset

Mizzou Basketball adds Wisconsin-Green Bay transfer

Amari Davis, the 6-foot-3 point guard and Ohio native signed with Wisconsin Green Bay, and entered the transfer portal just a few days ago.

With Xavier Pinson moving on, what’s next for Mizzou?

The enigmatic guard enters the portal, and it leaves Mizzou searching for an answer.


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