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Scholarship Math

Scholarship Math: The 2024 class is filling up

With Marcus Allen and Peyton Marshall on board the 2024 recruiting class is closer to being full.

Mizzou Basketball Roster: Figuring out the playing rotation

It’s time for the top 8, one of my favorite offseason projects.

Scholarship Math: T.O. Barrett begins to fill a back log

Mizzou Men’s Basketball roster is very senior heavy this season.

Scholarship Math: The roster is set for 2023-24, I think

Kaleb Brown, Isiaih Mosley, and Connor Vanover provided a lot of context for next season.

Off-Season Roster Movement Headquarters

We’re taking stock of the start of the offseason with a comprehensive view of the current roster.

Scholarship Math: How Jesus Carralero impacts the Mizzou Roster

Things get a little clearer, but at the same time quite a bit muddier if that’s possible.

Pourover: Why Tamar Bates is the right fit at Missouri

The former top prospect never seemed to fit in at Indiana.

Scholarship Math: Mizzou strikes early with the addition of John Tonje

Tonje brings a versatile perimeter player to next year’s roster and should immediate fill in big minutes on the wing.

Scholarship Math: Curt Lewis joins a roster in flux

There’s a lot of questions and just a few answers, but Lewis fills into a position of need either way.

Scholarship Math: Jordan Butler is the post Mizzou needed

The current three-man recruiting class has all the hallmarks of a really good foundation.

Scholarship Math: Trent Pierce brings versatility to the 2023 class

Dennis Gates’ second pledge of the 2023 class is a switchable defender who is still growing.

Mizzou Basketball 2022-23: Figuring out the playing rotation

Playing the game "Who is in your top 8?"

Scholarship Math: Anthony Robinson II is a good start to the 2023 class

The Florida Guard is a high upside long term bet in the back court.

Scholarship Math: Isiaih Mosley and the impossible happening in Columbia

The Columbia native comes home providing a boost to Dennis Gates’ first season.

Where the roster stands heading into June

Mabor Majak is on board, but may not be taking up a scholarship. Let’s review.

Scholarship Math; Jamarion Sharp is exactly what Missouri needs

Look at the picture where he’s blocking Oscar Tshiebwe.

Jarron Coleman enters the transfer portal

Boogie Coleman is the 8th player to enter the transfer portal from last year’s roster.

It’s all full (for now)!

Nick Honor quickly claimed the 13th Mizzou scholarship after Yaya Keita entered the transfer portal.

Scholarship Math: We’re officially over

Last night’s commitment of D’Moi Hodge means Missouri technically has too many players.

Scholarship Math: The numbers don’t add up

Basically, after adding Tre Gomillion and Noah Carter things are getting tight.

Throwin’ Strikes, Gettin’ Croots, More Roster Math!

Dennis Gates had a big Saturday.

Roster Math: What does Dennis Gates have working for him?

There are spots available, and we also try to dissect who Gates should prioritize in trying to bring back in the fold.

Roster Math: Aidan Shaw’s a high-end component for Mizzou’s stylistic shift

With a prime target now in the fold, the Tigers can also turn their attention to the 2023 recruiting cycle.

Roster Math: Christian Jones kicks off the 2022 class

We’re not expecting a big class, but this is a good start.

Ronnie DeGray III answers specific questions about Mizzou Basketball’s future

Positionless basketball is happening...

On Completing the Mizzou Basketball Roster

Missouri has two spots remaining, and a definite need, so where do they turn to fill them?

This stream has:

Mizzou Basketball Offseason 2021: Transfers out, transfers in, and Recruiting

Everything going on with the big 2021 offseason for Cuonzo Martin and the Tigers.

Finding your skillsets by committee

Mizzou’s coaching staff seems to be diversifying their talent.

The portal is wild, but it creates opportunity

For better or worse, how a coach works the transfer epidemic leads to the next step for any program, but especially at Missouri.

Mark Smith enters the transfer portal

Et tu, Mark Smith? But seriously, he wasn’t expected back so what are we talking about exactly?

Amari Davis is the first step in the roster reset

With Xavier Pinson moving on, what’s next for Mizzou?

The enigmatic guard enters the portal, and it leaves Mizzou searching for an answer.


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