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Report: Mizzou basketball assistant Tim Fuller is not returning

Thus far, we have not received new of any player departures from this year's Missouri basketball team. But there will be at least one change: PowerMizzou's Gabe Dearmond is reporting that Tim Fuller will not return as assistant coach.

Fuller came to Missouri to be Frank Haith's chief recruiter and briefly served as interim head coach when Frank Haith was suspended by the NCAA to start the 2013-14 season (lifetime record: undefeated!), and he remained in Columbia to ease the transition when Haith left and Kim Anderson replaced him. He was the chief recruiter for quite a few Mizzou signees, including, most recently, Jakeenan Gant.

What this means for the state of the roster, we have no idea. But the rumors had been flying for quite a while that he would be leaving. It was never clear to me whether that was because he was looking for a change, or because Anderson was. Regardless, there will be a change. Hard to say a little change would be a bad thing. You just hope it doesn't become a lot of change.