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A summary of men's and women's college basketball rule changes

Men have 30 seconds to do their business, women have four quarters, and everyone has fewer timeouts.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Men's College Basketball

Shorter shot clock, other changes coming to college hoops

The key areas officials will focus on in the upcoming season are:

  • Perimeter defense, particularly on the dribbler and strictly enforcing directives established  before the 2013-14 season.
  • Physicality in post play.
  • Screening, particularly moving screens and requiring the screener to be stationary.
  • Block/charge plays.
  • Allowing greater freedom of movement for players without the ball.


  1. 30 second shot clock WOOHOO!
  2. 4 foot restricted-area arc under the basket. An effort to reduce the difficult block/charge calls is good.
  3. One less timeout in 2nd half. [Insert joke here]
  4. Coaches no longer can call live-ball timeouts
  5. 10 total seconds to advance ball past half court with some (unspecified) exceptions. I'd still like to see the NCAA and officials make logical use of the already present shot clock to count those 10 seconds.
  6. 15 seconds for player substitutions after a player fouls out, technical foul to be handed out after first warning
  7. Refs can review shot clock violations on made baskets
  8. Refs can also review to penalize players for faking fouls
  9. Hanging from the rim and other Class B technical fouls are now one-shot technical fouls
  10. 5-second closely guarded while dribbling is now gone. I'm okay with this I think as it was unevenly called and gives the official more ability to focus on other things than counting to five.
  11. Dunking in pre-game is allowed, but I believe Kim Anderson still maintains his NO DUNKING rule.

EXPERIMENTAL RULE: Allow players 6 personal fouls (as in the NBA) in 2016 postseason tournaments not-including March Madness. Sure, why not?

Women's College Basketball

Women’s basketball moves to a four-quarter format


  1. Four 10-minute quarters.
  2. Team fouls reset to zero at the start of each quarter, but teams in the bonus in the fourth remain in the bonus through OT.
  3. Teams reach the bonus and will shoot two free throws on the fifth team foul of each quarter
  4. Advance the ball to the front court following a timeout after a made basket in the last minute of the game
  5. Advance the ball to the front court after a change in possession (in-bounding at the 28-foot mark)
  6. 10-second back court exceptions including: deflected by the defense, held ball and the possession goes to the offensive team and a technical foul is called on offensive team in its own back court.
  7. Post-defense rules mirror the men's game now as women can place a forearm/open hand with elbow bent against the back of an offensive player with their back to the basket
  8. Music or bands may play during any dead-ball situation, a change from only being allowed during timeouts and intermission.
  9. One media timeout per quarter around the five minute mark. Some further changes may come regarding timeouts