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Mizzou Football 2007

What If...Pig Brown Had Caught That Ball at Oklahoma?

Exploring the possibilities in the 2007 season, where a close lose to Oklahoma on the road slightly derailed a miraculous season.

Sean Weatherspoon knows who would win in a game between the 2007 and 2013 Tigers

Sometimes you ask questions on the internet, you never know who might decide to answer.

Let’s relive the 2008 Cotton Bowl

In the 2008 Cotton Bowl, Arkansas and wind shut down the Mizzou pass. So the Tigers ran instead.

Missouri’s No. 1 ranking lasted just one week

Mizzou made it to No. 1 in the polls in 2007 but fell after just one week thanks to a Big 12 title game loss to Oklahoma.

The one game Mizzou absolutely, positively had to win

Missouri and Kansas played for the No. 1 ranking in 2007. You know who prevailed.

“Beat KU! Beat KU! Beat KU!”

Missouri’s 2007 win over KSU was defined by Jeremy Maclin and the game on the horizon

Deja vu against A&M

Before Mizzou could beat Kansas with a sack and safety in 2007, it had to do the same to Texas A&M

Let’s relive Chase Coffman’s coming-out party

Colorado’s defense announced it would shut Mizzou down in 2007. It did not.

Mizzou’s 2007 win over ISU was costly

Missouri beat Iowa State handily in 2007 but lost its best player, Pig Brown, in the process.

Mizzou was hangover-proof in 2007

Mizzou was too good for a hangover game in 2007. A blowout of Texas Tech proved it.

Suddenly, a moral victory in Norman wasn’t enough

Missouri led Oklahoma after three quarters in Norman in 2007 but couldn’t overcome some Sooner Magic in the fourth.

Missouri’s 2007 win over Nebraska was just a perfect damn Saturday

Maybe the second best game day of the Pinkel era (behind 2010 Oklahoma).

Mizzou still had plenty to prove after ‘07 non-con play

The Tigers 4-0 heading into September, but defensive questions persisted.

Mizzou’s 2007 offense was democratic perfection

Missouri’s democratic 2007 offense was on display in a shootout win over Ole Miss

Mizzou had Pig Brown, and Illinois didn’t

Remembering the time Mizzou almost lost to Illinois because of bad math.

It’s the 10-year anniversary of Missouri’s amazing 2007 season

You’re damn right we’re going to relive it in detail.

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That time Mizzou-Kansas was the game of the year

As part of SB Nation's 2007 Anniversary Spectacular, I spoke with Missouri's Chase Daniel and Kansas' Todd Reesing to relive Armageddon at Arrowhead.


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