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2013 Mizzou Walkthrough, The BBQ Division: Coaches

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In college football coaches are often the biggest stars on the field. Out in the parking lots on game day bbq is the biggest star on the grill or smoker. These two were meant to be together. Man, I really wanna open a Kadlec's BBQ joint now.....

Gary Pinkel

Ribs, of course. Most of us have had those ribs that when you get that first bite are just damn near orgasmic. Mrs. Bill C. refers to them as Okie Joes, I prefer my own, others have their favorites. Almost all of us have had average or downright crappy ribs too. They’re dry, bland and a bit chewy. They’re so hit or miss, so great or trash worthy. How could this not be Pinkel? He can be so good, so endearing. He can be so grouchy, dry and honestly TK’sh.

Dave Steckel

What else could the toughest S.O.B. to ever roam the sidelines be but brisket? Brisket has to be cooked just right or its tougher than my backside after my mom broke every one of her cooking spoons for lighting the living room drapes on fire. (Don’t play with matches kids). But man, when its cooked right, given the right amount of time and the right ingredient, woooo-eeee is it damn good and something to look at. Steck’s all muscle but we’ve seen him soften on the sidelines once or twice admiring his Defense, this reminds me of that great piece of bbq.

Josh Henson

ABT’s, or Atomic Buffalo Turds. Tried ‘em? Never heard of ‘em? They are sliced jalapeners filled with a bit of a cream cheese/Monterey jack mixture, topped with your choice of sausage or meat filling and then wrapped in bacon. Smoke these suckers up and gahhhhh, you’ve got all kinds of goodness on your hands. These just really reminded me of Henson for some reason. He’s a newer age guy, has some new ideas for the offense and has really shot up in the football world recently. I just hope he is as good with the play calling as these ABT’s are on game day. Mmmmmmmmm.

Andy Hill

Those little golden nuggets of amazing deliciousness, yeah burnt ends. They’re newer to the bbq scene than most of your more conventional meats. They were invented in KC, this man has made his living owning the city in recruiting for much of the last 7-8 years. He’s not the biggest or most famous guy on the staff, but he gets it done and is so consistently good with recruiting and receivers that this was a natural fit.