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Update: Josh Henson is named in Sports Illustrated investigation of Oklahoma State

Apparently reports were wrong and current Mizzou Offensive Coordinator/Co-Off. Line/Tight Ends WAS mentioned in this investigation.


We previously had a report that Josh Henson, having worked under Les Miles at LSU and at Oklahoma State, was not mentioned in the investigative report.

Sports Illustrated's series on Oklahoma St. football: The Sex - College Football -

Simpson says "we did have coaches who would request [certain hostesses]." The pairing decisions were typically made by an assistant coach. Under Miles, Josh Henson, the team's tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator, says he handled the assignments. Henson told SI he was not aware of any incidents during which a hostess had sex with a recruit.

However, there have been several questions about the veracity of the article and the delayed release of Thursday's piece combined with obvious evidence of incomplete rewrites does not inspire confidence in the article's accuracy and will require further deliberations to determine any serious conclusions.

This means we could have another coach under the spotlight. Please post your insight, outrage, and "Sports Illustrated don't have no credibility!" jokes below.