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Missouri SEC East opponent roundup - Week 4: They Supposed to be SEC

The SEC is the premier college football conference. Is everyone watching the SEC East? It may not be wide open, but it's up for grabs. What happened in the rest of the SEC East? Also, Arkansas, you officially win this week's shout-out from:

Al Messerschmidt


Rutgers Scarlet Knights 28, Arkansas Razorbacks 24: What? How? Why? So Confused. - Arkansas Fight

Arkansas had a 24-14 lead with Rutgers backed up to their two yard line. The four previous drives, Rutgers went fumble, punt, punt, and punt. The Scarlet Knights scored in six plays. They had pass plays of 25, 42, and the scoring play was a 33 yard throw on fourth down.


The Commodores did notch their first first quarter touchdown of the season (not a typo) on a 6-play, 81-yard drive capped with a 42-yard bomb from QB Austyn Carta-Samuels to WR Jonathan Krause. UMass rallied back with a touchdown of their own just inside the start of the second quarter. Carey Spear answered with a 32-yard field goal to put the Commodores up 10-7 before UMass K Blake Lucas missed a 45-yard FG to end the half.


Richt boasts a 120-41 record and a .745 winning percentage. At the identical juncture in their respective careers, Wally Butts stood at 104-50-7 following a 21-7 loss to the Florida Gators, while Vince Dooley boasted a 106-50-5 ledger following a 42-3 thrashing of the Ole Miss Rebels. Coach Butts boasted a winning percentage of .646 and Coach Dooley stood at .658 for their respective careers after the same number of games.


That defense limited Tennessee to just 220 yards of offense, most of them coming in the fourth quarter, and Vols quarterbacks Nathan Peterman and Justin Worley combined to complete just 14 of 34 passes, throwing two interceptions each. Peterman also lost a fumble in the first half; Worley produced Tennessee's only offensive touchdown of the day on a pretty throw to Alton Howard in the fourth quarter.

South Carolina

By week. Which is good because I hear Clowney is still gassed from their game vs. North Carolina.


It appeared to me that the team neither quit nor got completely knocked out. Against Florida last year, and against Oregon last week, we were essentially crumpled in the corner in the fetal position by the end of the game, simply unable to do anything to stop the beating we were taking. Not so today. Today, we were still throwing passes into the end zone with about three minutes left, hoping for a TD and a chance at an on-side kick and another TD. That's playing for miracles, yes, but it's playing.


Bye week. They also appear to have already begun focusing on basketball season

Ole Miss

Bye week. They appear to be still riding high on their victory over Texaslol.

Texas A&M

On the other hand, we gave up 431 yards to SMU which is their lowest output of the season, but not by much (plus they previously played Texas Tech and Montana State). Garrett Gilbert threw for 341 yards. We're adopting a bend but don't break type of personality, but damn. We're really stretching the "bend" part of it all.
Manziel was Manziel and got his 350 yards of offense in a half and a drive77. We got to see a healthy dose of Joeckel and Hill in the second half, and they definitely both got some much-needed experience4. Evans quietly continued to pad his stats13, while Johnny seems to have found his new second-favorite target84. We got to see all four running backs for the first time, which was nice3b. Mike Matthews and the other young guys on the OL had a bit of a rough night29, but we only gave up one sack.

Further Notes:

People still haven't adjusted to the idea that "lower tier" football schools are making big moves, but some people are noticing and attempting to explain why.

FCS talents are more likely to keep their talent for longer stretches of time -- from 2007 to 2013, only five FCS players left school early for the NFL Draft, and three were former transfers from huge football programs. Compare that to the 73 from FBS in 2013 alone. This allows for a more experienced roster, which can catch FBS opponents off-guard.