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Mizzou 38, Toledo 23: Links and Initial Reflections

Boy howdy it was hot. Toledo made us earn it, but that is exactly what we did.

Bill Carter

If this post comes off as entirely like last week's Sunday links/reflections, that is because I am copying/pasting the entire thing and updating the narrative. So what have the recaps determined to be our narrative?

1. Recaps Franklin leads Tigers to first 2-0 record in three years Mizzou/Toledo Post-Game Notes Mizzou/Toledo Post-Game Quotes
The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Tigers withstand rally and hold off Toledo
The Missourian: Franklin does not listen to Pinkel, beats Toledo
The Missourian: Golden Opportunity to defeat Toledo
KC Star: Mizzou pulls away for win
KC Star: MU-Toledo game report
KC Star: Injuries starting to pile up for Mizzou
Post-Dispatch: Tigers survive scare
PowerMizzou: Feeling Bullish
PowerMizzou: Flags, new rules bite Tigers

Hold off. Pull away. Survive scare. How close was this game? On one hand, the yardage totals between the two teams differed by nine feet. Turnovers hurt both teams, but hurt Toledo far more. So was it a dead-even game? Or was it a game where a classy Coach Pinkel knelt on the ball on the six yardline with a 15-point lead in a game where Mizzou never trailed? I think the stats will show some very interesting things come Tues/Wed. I think they will show that Toledo was a good bit better than the Tigers on first down. I think the stats will show how good Mizzou was in a number of situations, especially 3rd downs. I think the stats will show that Toledo was a little more explosive, but the 4th quarter was ultimately their undoing.

2. Multimedia

The Missourian: #MIZZOUGAMEDAY VIDEO | Another hot pregame
The Missourian: PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri beats Toledo
PowerMizzou: Game Day Gallery
PowerMizzou: Toledo Post-Game
Mizzou Network: Photo Gallery
Mizzou Network: National Guard Post Game Highlights
Mizzou Network: National Guard Post Game Talks to Gary Pinkel
Mizzou Network: National Guard Post Game Hears from L. Washington
Mizzou Network: National Guard Post Game Speaks with Frank the Tank
Mizzou Network: National Guard Post Game Chats with Markus Golden

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3. Other Things

The Missourian: amZOUlance!!
The Missourian: Toledo fan enjoys travel

So both teams had to play on turf which resided above 135 degrees (air temp recorded as 92). Mizzou played a lot of folks (and, according to the participation report, WR J'Mon Moore had his redshirt torn off...will have to see if that is actually the case) and that is a good thing, as the depth helps you this year and in preparation for the years to come. We may need some of that depth as a couple of people are banged, notably Max Copeland and EJ Gaines. Not a terrible time for a week off.

If it does tell you something about Henson and his play-calling, Mizzou did not abandon the run as they have been accused of in years' past. The final 13 plays were also runs, some of that to ice the game and some of that to kill what was left. But the Tigers did wear Toledo down after about 45 minutes, and depth/play-calling/execution all play a role.

As for the rest of the morning/today, please feel free to tack on things you find. DCrockett has led off well on some thoughts from last night (and I agree with him on a number of them), and the Masthead at Large is likely to have some other material as the day goes on. In the meantime, enjoy the return of NFL Redzone (if you are so inclined) and the rest of your weekend.

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