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Player Interviews: Maty Mauk, Markus Golden, Bud Sasser, Mitch Morse, Michael Scherer, Jimmie Hunt, Shane Ray,

After Mizzou's 34-0 loss to Georgia, the players faced the media and here's what they said. Since the videos are a bit hard to hear I attempted to transcribe the player's words. Apologies if I couldn't get verbatim transcripts of everything the players said.


No video from Marcus Murphy

Bud Sasser:


"Didn't come out ready to go and they did. We didn't get going all. We got to get past it."

"Gotta do better on first and second down, having more positive yards on those downs and converting on third downs. A lot of three and outs are tiring out our defense. We gotta keep those guys off the field and we gotta put up points when we're on the field."

"Georgia did a good job. They did a good job defensively."

"There a comes a point in time where you gotta show up. Playmakers gotta show up. Everybody has to do their job."

On Maty Mauk's play:

"He didn't have a bad reaction. He didn't let it hang on him."

"Keep motivated. Not let this game affect the rest of the season. It was a bad game but we also got to learn from the mistakes and see what we did wrong so we can prevent those same things from going wrong the next game and throughout the rest of the year."

Jimmie Hunt:


On the offensive turnovers and the defense:

"I give [the defense] a round of applause. They came out and did their jobs. We expect them to make big plays and give the offense a chance to make big plays. But it's only a matter of time before the opposing team scores. We are gonna take that and analyze it and make sure we're better for next week."

On the struggling offense:

"It's always tough to swallow a loss, but given it's a little harder when you know we got the guys to make the plays. We're gonna make some adjustments."

"We just got to get our mojo going. We just gotta do what we do."

Michael Scherer:


"Bottom line is we can't let them score. No matter what our offense does."

On facing two running backs for Georgia who were "dual-threats"?:

"No. It's what we expected. Not surprising anyone."

Sorry the audio on this video is so bad, the scrum was pretty large and I ended up picking up more of the Marcus Murphy interview behind me than Michael Scherer.

Mitch Morse


"I'm disappointed in the offense. It's something, we're going to have to be mature competitors, study the game film and come out and really fix what we need to fix."

"I think today was a lack of execution. And it's going to be sucky (hopefully you'll edit that out) but it's true, it's terrible it's going to be a rough film session. But it's something that, as a mature competitor, we're going to have to study and grow from."

On Georgia's blitzing:

"It was nothing we hadn't see, it was just we weren't executing what we need to execute."

On fixing "execution":

"We really take it to the practice field. I know coaches said we had good practices, and we did, but it's not enough. We need to apply what we learn tomorrow in practice and really get fired up."

On needing another "Come to Jesus" moment like after Indiana:

"No, I think we know we are a better team than what we should have been. Give credit to Georgia they played outstanding football. What we need to do is this week is come together as an offense. We can't play the blame game on anyone. I point fingers at myself for not helping these guys for not helping these guys out. It'll be a good week of practice."

On whether Georgia did things the same or different as South Carolina:

"Honestly, to tell you the truth, I really don't know. I'm beating a dead horse but it was a lack of execution on the offensive side. Give credit to Georgia, they played outstanding football and it was embarrasing."

On what Coach Pinkel said after the game:

"After the game he said this is a terrible feeling and we know we're a better football team than what we showed today. What we need to do is we need to be mature competito, come out and really fire it up. Because we can't let this one loss, although how terrible it was, define our season."

On teams pressuring the offensive line with blitzes:

"Yeah, right now if you can't pick up a blitz right now run it over and over again. I think teams are scheming that. We've repped in practice, I'll tell you that."

Mitch Morse came in for interviews and stayed even when everyone left to do other interviews, here he is again:


On Maty Mauk:

"He's one of the greatest teammates we have and he was one of the most positive guys on the sideline. And with a quarterback like that who's a competitor... I mean he does trust us, he tells us all the time. I'd tell Maty to keep flinging the ball, don't let these sacks or interceptions deter us, we gotta keep making plays."

Markus Golden:


"If the offense ain't doing too good we gotta go out there. They've had our back a couple times when we weren't doing too good. It's a team sport."

On being worn down:

"No. Not at all. They just came out and did their thing. They came out and scored and made some plays."

On Hutson Mason and preventing Mizzou's pass rush:

"They were really effective. Any time you've got one of the best pass rushing teams coming at  you, you have to get the ball out. And they did their job. They did what they were supposed to do. I guess it was part of their game plan, the made it happen."

On the message Markus Golden had for the team, being a captain:

"We are going to fix it. We gonna fix it. We just got to get it together. It's just one game. You gotta move on. That's the good thing about football. You get to move on and you get to play again. We get practice tomorrow. That's the good thing about playing football, you get to move on."

On going 47 game with turnovers and now 3 games without:

"Like you said, 47-3. It ain't frustrating. If you go 47 games without getting it, then it'll be frustrating. We just gotta keep doing it in practice. We are going to fix that too."

"Ge to the ball, rip the ball out. The ball was on the ground today, we just didn't get it. We just got get after the ball. We just gotta get back to the Mizzou way and that's getting takeaways."

On Nick Chubb:

"He ran downhill, his boys blocked for him. He did his thing he went out there and did his thing. You can't take nothing from him he went out there and ran hard. That's what he's been doing all year. I watched him on film he ran hard and he did it today."

On maybe taking Nick Chubb lightly with Todd Gurley being out:

"No. We don't do that here. We don't do that here. I bet he worked just as hard as Todd Gurley did in high school. Right now that's why he's at Georgia. No we didn't take him lightly he's there for a reason."

Shane Ray:

Sorry folks, audio on this was bad and that's my fault. Just wanted people to know Shane Ray was there and faced the media and answered questions (more than what you saw in this video).

Maty Mauk:


"Giving them credit defensively."

"I thought we had a great week of practice."

"Just need to execute, that's what it comes down to. Yeah they beat us, but we're beating ourselves."

On the playcalling:

"Whatever they call I'm gonna give it everything I have to do it"

At this point a bunch of people really started talking loudly behind me and made the audio difficult to hear, sorry again.

On people blaming the loss on Maty Mauk:

"That's fine, they can blame it on me all they want. It wont' affect me. I know what I got to do, offensively."

Explaining what happened on an interception:

"I saw Murph and there was another guy that came opposite and the guy just got under it."

"Execution, being consistent. That's what it comes down to. it's us beating ourselves."

On being six games into the season and still dealing with execution:

"Can't let it affect you."

On Gary Pinkel making it clear he never considered taking Mauk out of the game, and if it ever crossed his mind:

"No. I was worried what was going out on the field. Everything else doesn't matter."