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Drew Lock is a future Heisman winner and No. 1 pick. It's obvious.

I mean, just look at that hair.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Much has been said about the significance of Drew Lock's rise as the first true freshman quarterback to start at Missouri. But, as evidenced by this listicle and this tweet, even more has been made about Drew Lock's rise as 2015's Babe of the Year.

To be honest, we can only go on so much about Drew Lock's on-field play. Fact of the matter is, the guy has only played two full games as a college quarterback. He's young, he'll make mistakes and so on and so on and so on.

So I posit that even while we strenuously break down Lock's pocket presence, arm strength or natural swagger -- things that are all well and good -- we're ignoring one of the most important factors to predicting Drew Lock's future success: his off-field game.

Let's take a look at some other recent successful true freshman quarterbacks to gauge just how successful Drew Lock's future will be at Missouri. Because he will be successful. I mean, have you seen that hair?!

Terrelle Pryor (2008-2010, Ohio State)

On-field Game

Pryor was an electric dual-threat quarterback during his time at Ohio State, especially during his true freshman campaign. He went 8-1 as the starter, leading Ohio State to the Fiesta Bowl. He also led Big 10 quarterbacks in efficiency rating at 146.50. As a freshman!

It's hard to look at Pryor as a future predictor of success for Lock since their styles are so different, but he is a great example of a true freshman taking the reins mid-season and lifting his team to new heights. So, clearly, this is the destiny for our Drew Lock.

Off-field Game

If anyone had mad off-field game, it was Terrelle Pryor. I heard the dude drove something like eight cars in his three years at school? What a baller! In addition...

Wait...that's not okay? Oh. Well then.

In non-NCAA rule terms, Pryor has still pretty solid off-field style. He's no Drew Lock, but the diagonal line shaved through the hair was a nice touch back in his time.

Robert Griffin III (2008-2011, Baylor)

On-field Game

We've all followed the legend of RGII, unexpected Heisman winner, second pick in the NFL Draft, NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, scout team safety for Washington. The man has almost done it all!

Jokes aside, Griffin was quite the player at Baylor. He won Big 12 Freshman of the Year after his true freshman season and had very good junior and senior campaigns after an ACL tear in his sophomore year.

So if we can glean anything from his example: Drew Lock, for the love of all that is dear and holy in this world, please don't tear your ACL next year.

No, seriously. Don't tear your ACL next year.

Off-field Game

Eh...not much to talk about here. The pencil mustache never works for anyone, Robert. Sorry. Your dreads are pretty sweet though. I'll bet they look great flying through the wind when you're chasing Desean Jackson in practice!

[Ed. note: how dare you question RGIII's style.]

Braxton Miller (2011-2015, Ohio State)

On-field Game

Well, well. Another Ohio State product! And just like Pryor, Miller is hard to compare to Lock because of his dual-threat style. Also like Pryor, Miller took over the starting duties in week 4 (wink, wink). He went on to win the Big 10's Freshman of the Year award. And it's hard to deny the accolades he's piled up over his career: two-time Big 10 Offensive Player of the Year, Sugar Bowl champion, owner of the best spin move in college football.

Something tells me Gary Pinkel isn't planning a position change for Drew Lock's future.

Off-field Game

Eh. Some dudes just don't have that hair game down. Pretty open and shut case here. NEXT!

Matthew Stafford (2006-2008, Georgia)

On-field Game

Perhaps one of the more realistic Drew Lock comparisons here, the former Georgia star took over starting duties under less-than-ideal circumstances in the 2006 season. His freshman season wasn't great: he only completed 52.7 percent of his passes and threw seven touchdowns to 13 interceptions.

But Stafford went on to have a very successful college career. He led the Bulldogs to a Sugar Bowl victory the very next season and set the school record for single-season touchdowns the year after that. And then he was the first overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft!

Would it be unfair to expect all of these things from Drew Lock? Of course. But, hey, we can all dream.

Off-field Game

Stafford has the same mop-head style that Lock is currently rocking. But his lack of Bama Bangs is slightly disappointing. And at one point he was working with some sideburns, which...just, no.

I think we can all agree that Drew Lock is Matt Stafford 2.0, specifically when it comes to that marvelous hairdo.

In Conclusion

We can all agree that Drew Lock's future as a quarterback is bright. We don't need comparisons or breakdowns for that because we can see it on the field.

But the most important take away from all of this: Drew Lock's off-field game already ranks among the best of them. The Bama Bangs. The smile. The swagger. It's all there.

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