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Florida's Jim McElwain is generating DISRESPECT! fuel like his name was Bob Stoops

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On


As part of its Homecoming coverage, the Missourian caught up with Max Copeland. I can't possibly think of a better idea.

I’m traveling from muse to muse for that reason. I’m a bit of a rolling stone. Football was a huge expression of who I was and what I believed. But at the same time, I think just with how I am, sometimes you get too comfortable with how the brush fits in the hand. You get too complacent with the color palate you’ve been using. So maybe I want to ditch the canvas and move to a harp.

I’ve always seen the path I take to be a bunch of different weird stops. I don’t want to spend too much time in one place. I’ve said it for a long time, but as soon as you feel like you belong, it’s time to disappear. I feel like I can make good on that promise I made about my life. Before I die, I’m gonna have made a bunch of really cool stops to a bunch of really weird places.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Two (and a half) days to Florida

The Trib (David Morrison): Gary Pinkel on the SEC teleconference: Florida week

McElwain's Opening part...

"Going into a team on the road that's two-time defending champ. And, based on history, I'm sure they've got pretty good confidence they'll put it on the Gators. It's one of those deals where I'm sure, based on that history, they felt pretty good about us being their homecoming."

(Editor's Note: Missouri's homecoming opponent has a lot more to do with date than, you know, opponent. Bulletin-board material still around Gainesville this week, apparently.)


Missouri fans, if you were feeling a void in your lives since Bob Stoops hasn't been around to generate hilariously ridiculous disrespect!!! fuel ... I think that void has been filled. We are complete again.

Post-Dispatch: McElwain has Gators trending upward
Post-Dispatch: McElwain, Pinkel talk SEC East showdown

McElwain’s first job in college coaching came at his alma mater, Eastern Washington in the late 1980s. During his time there, he made regular trips to Seattle to watch and learn from Don James’ staff at University of Washington, where Gary Pinkel was an offensive assistant. "I’m sure (Pinkel) wouldn’t remember, but I know this: I sat on every word he had and watched his drills and tried to learn as much as I could," McElwain said. "Before he took over as coordinator (he was) wideouts coach, and I coached both those positions. And at a small school like Eastern, any time you had an opportunity to learn from one of the best—obviously the system was Don James’ — all of us people of us out west tried emulating what he was doing out there."

Okay, that's not quite as disrespecty. Oh well.

Mizzou Tigers pennant The offense and its new weapons

SEC Country: SEC Film Study: Is Missouri QB Drew Lock legit?

Missouri’s passing offense is based primarily on rhythm. Lock is not making that many post-snap reads; his job is to know where the ball is going almost as soon as he touches it.

If Florida’s defensive line can shake up Lock’s timing in the first quarter, that could spell doom for Henson’s offense.

The question is not whether Lock has the ability to beat a great team; it’s whether his coaches will design a gameplan that can balance his inexperience with his brilliance. Lock made some silly mistakes in his first start, but he also flashed All-American potential that Missouri has not seen from the quarterback position since Chase Daniel’s senior season in 2008.

Final verdict: "Locktober" is here to stay.

The Trib: Reese capitalizes on expanded role, shows good connection with Lock

PowerMizzou: Hilton moves with ease

"He's a freaking playmaker," Lock said. "I think that shows the type of athlete that they know he is, not think anymore. You kind of thought this guy could be pretty good, let's see what he does. But to flip him from defense to offense and have him come in and make that type of catch and keep his feet moving for a couple more yards to get the first down, that's a big play."

Lock isn't the only Tiger who knew what Missouri had in Hilton well before he arrived on campus. Linebacker Michael Scherer watched him play on a little league football team with Scherer's younger brother that was coached by Scherer's dad.

"I've known Cam since he was about yea tall and I've been picking on him ever since then," Scherer said, holding his hand about chest-high. "Cam's been the athlete he is now since he was little."

Mizzou Tigers pennant The new commits

PowerMizzou: Film Room: Tyreic Martin

PowerMizzou: Commitment Analysis: Martin and Acy

Mizzou Tigers pennant Ooooooof

The Trib: Big 12 apologizes for mistake with mistake-filled apology

Mizzou Tigers pennant Congrats, Max A Tip of the Cap to Max Scherzer from @MizzouAthletics

Mizzou Tigers pennant All sorts of WHATNOT

Women's Basketball
The Trib: Media day musings: Pingeton discusses a healthy roster and expectations for Sophie Cunningham

Baseball Black Tops Grey, 5-2, in Game One of Mizzou’s Fall World Series

Fall World Series Black Tops Grey, 5-2, in Game One of Mizzou’s Fall World Series