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Minimal depth chart changes as Missouri prepares for BYU

Missouri released its game notes and for the upcoming (!) BYU game on Saturday. Here's how the depth chart takes shape.

Derrick Forsythe / Rock M Nation


Drew Lock (6'4, 205, Fr.)
Eddie Printz (6'3, 205, So.) *OR*
Marvin Zanders (6'1, 185, RSFr.)

No changes here. Lock may have been given the best possible favor last week when the run game emerged from its season-long cocoon. Contrary to what we've come to expect, BYU's run defense is pretty shaky this year, at least from an efficiency standpoint. That could protect Lock a bit from the fact that a) BYU's pass defense and pass rush are excellent and b) Mizzou's pass protection was abysmal against Mississippi State. Staying on schedule and being able to keep things on the ground could mean even more than normal on Saturday. (And it already meant a lot.)

Russell Hansbrough (5'9, 195, Sr.)
Ish Witter (5'10, 190, So.)
Tyler Hunt (5'11, 210, Sr.)
Chase Abbington (6'2, 215, So.)

Man oh man, did Witter and Hunt look good on Thursday. Hansbrough, too.

J'Mon Moore (6'3, 190, So.) *OR*
Emanuel Hall (6'3, 200, Fr.)
Eric Laurent (6'2, 215, Jr.)

Nate Brown (6'3, 205, So.)
Cam Hilton (6'0, 180, Fr.)
Ray Wingo (5'11, 180, RSFr.)

Wesley Leftwich (6'1, 205, Sr.)
Keyon Dilosa (6'3, 200, RSFr.)
DeSean Blair (6'3, 190, RSFr.)

Sean Culkin (6'6, 245, Jr.) *OR*
Jason Reese (6'5, 250, So.)
Clayton Echard (6'5, 260, Sr.)
Kendall Blanton (6'6, 250, RSFr.)

The ORs are still in place here between Moore and Hall and Culkin and Reese. Moore certainly proved himself as a potential leader off the field with his actions related to Concerned Student 1950 and the protest; now he gets to go back to trying to distinguish himself on the field. Nobody here has in a while.

Connor McGovern (6'4, 305, Sr.)
Malik Cuellar (6'5, 300, Jr.)

Nate Crawford (6'5, 310, So.)
Brad McNulty (6'4, 305, Sr.)
Alec Abeln (6'3, 290, So.)

Evan Boehm (6'3, 310, Sr.)
Sam Bailey (6'5, 280, RSFr.)

Mitch Hall (6'5, 310, Sr.)
Kevin Pendleton (6'4, 315, RSFr.)

Taylor Chappell (6'5, 305, Sr.)
Paul Adams (6'6, 290, RSFr.)

The McGovern-Crawford-Boehm combination seemed to be able to do pretty good things in the ground game. So there's that. And I'll stop there before saying all the negative things we've been saying all year.


Walter Brady (6'3, 255, RSFr.)
Marcell Frazier (6'5, 265, So.)

Josh Augusta (6'4, 345, Jr.)
Rickey Hatley (6'4, 300, Jr.)


Terry Beckner Jr. (6'4, 300, Fr.)
A.J. Logan (6'2, 310, So.)
Josh Moore (6'5, 280, Fr.)

Charles Harris (6'3, 255, So.)
Nate Howard (6'4, 240, Fr.)
Spencer Williams (6'3, 245, RSFr.)

Hatley moves back to second string after missing the MSU game with an undisclosed (I think) injury. Regardless, still no concerns up front.

Kentrell Brothers (6'1, 235, Sr.)
Joey Burkett (6'2, 210, So.)

Michael Scherer (6'3, 230, Jr.)
Brandon Lee (6'2, 220, RSFr.)

Donavin Newsom (6'2, 230, Jr.)
Clarence Green (6'0, 220, Sr.)
Terez Hall (6'2, 215, Fr.)

Brothers was even more possessed than normal on Thursday night. My biggest football-related fear regarding the protest was that he wouldn't end up with as many games to rack up stats. No longer a concern. It's been a joy to watch him this year, and I'm glad we get to do it at least three more times.

Kenya Dennis (5'11, 200, Sr.)
John Gibson (6'0, 190, Jr.)

Aarion Penton (5'10, 190, Jr.)
Logan Cheadle (5'10, 180, So.)
Anthony Hines (6'1, 190, So.)

No changes here. It's definitely worth noting that Cheadle was on the field a lot on Thursday night. He seems to be moving up the ranks a bit.

Anthony Sherrils (6'0, 190, So.)
Thomas Wilson (5'10, 190, So.)

Ian Simon (6'0, 195, Sr.)
Cortland Browning (6'1, 205, Sr.)
Tavon Ross (6'0, 200, RSFr.)

No changes here.

Special Teams

Andrew Baggett (6'1, 215, Sr.)

Corey Fatony (5'11, 185, Fr.)

John Gibson (6'0, 190, Jr.)
Finis Stribling IV (5'11, 175, RSFr.)
Ray Wingo (5'11, 180, RSFr.)

Cam HIlton (6'1, 180, Fr.)
Aarion Penton (5'10, 190, Jr.)

No changes here. We saw on Thursday that Ian Simon might be the "go out there and call fair catch" guy on punt returns. And evidently Gibson and Stribling will continue to split returns. (Gibson, by the way, reminded us of his phenomenal speed when chasing down MSU's kick returner on a long second-quarter return.)