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Arkansas' offense is the best Missouri has faced in 2015

Of Arkansas' last five games, four have generated at least 91 combined points. Meanwhile, only two Missouri games all year have topped 40. Before we look at whether Arkansas' defense is faulty enough to drag Mizzou into a shootout, let's look at what a dynamic offense has to offer.

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Brandon Allen (6'2, 210, Sr.) -- 213-for-327 (65%), 3,023 yards, 29 TD, 6 INT, 11 sacks (8.7 yards/att.); 38 carries, 188 yards (4.9), 1 TD
Austin Allen (6'1, 210, So.) -- 1-for-3, 35, 1 TD

Goodness, the Arkansas offense is smoking hot at the moment. Since gaining just 220 yards in a 27-14 loss to Alabama, the Hogs have averaged 514 yards per game, 50 points per game, and 7.4 yards per play. Granted, one of those games was against UT Martin, but Arkansas put up 7.2 yards per play against Ole Miss, 7.9 against LSU, and 6.7 against Mississippi State. (I'd compare this to Missouri's best per-play averages of the year, but that would be such a crippling, depressing tidbit that I wouldn't be able to finish this post.)

The man behind a lot of UA's surge is the quarterback. Brandon Allen struggled early in the season, missing a few open receivers and misfiring at key times in a 16-12 loss to Toledo in Week 2. But he's been absolutely ridiculous of late. Against Ole Miss and Mississippi State, he completed 63 of 88 passes (72%) for 848 yards, 13 touchdowns (!!) and no picks. That Arkansas lost one of those games and nearly lost the other says a lot about the state of the Arkansas defense, but that's not on Allen. His recent play has actually elevated Arkansas to No. 1 in Passing S&P+. No. 1! Arkansas! With Brandon Allen!

Allen's been simply awesome. Missouri's pass rush is going to need to generate some pressure when it has the opportunity ... and while the rest of the Mizzou defense has been top-notch, the pass rush has faded a decent amount over the last couple of games.

Alex Collins (5'11, 215, Jr.) -- 218 rushes, 1262 yards (5.8), 14 TD; 13 targets, 12 catches, 66 yards (5.1 yards/target)
Kody Walker (6'2, 256, Jr.) -- 65 rushes, 261 yards (4.0), 4 TD; 3 targets, 1 catch, 4 yards (1.3)

Kendrick Jackson (6'1, 249, Fr.)
Chris Jones (5'11, 235, So.)

Arkansas has been passing the ball a lot more in 2015, and in a roundabout way, it has maybe helped Alex Collins. Collins was still decent early in the year, but after gaining 127 yards in just 12 carries against UTEP's wretched defense, he averaged only 4.8 yards per carry over the next six games. That's not bad, but you can't really craft an offense around that. And without the injured Jonathan Williams, it's been a one-man show -- freshman Rawleigh Williams III was averaging just eight carries per game before he got hurt, and while former fullback Kody Walker did get 32 combined carries against Ole Miss and LSU, he hasn't really done much with them.

In theory, step one in slowing Arkansas down is rendering the Hogs one-dimensional. Mississippi State held Collins and Walker to 60 yards in 26 carries last week, so it can be done. (The scary part: Arkansas still scored 50 against MSU despite being one-dimensional).

Drew Morgan (6'0, 195, Jr.) -- 68 targets, 52 catches, 723 yards (10.6), 10 TD
Damon Mitchell (6'2, 207, So.) -- 6 targets, 5 catches, 73 yards (12.2), 1 TD

Dominique Reed (6'3, 180, Jr.) -- 40 targets, 23 catches, 483 yards (12.1), 6 TD
Eric Hawkins (5'11, 180, Jr.) -- QUESTIONABLE

Jared Cornelius (5'11, 202, So.) -- 31 targets, 22 catches, 358 yards (11.6), 3 TD
Luke Rossi (5'11, 203, RSFr.)

Hunter Henry (6'5, 253, Jr.) -- 65 targets, 45 catches, 679 yards (10.3), 3 TD
Alex Voelzke (6'5, 253, Sr.)

Jeremy Sprinkle (6'6, 255, Jr.) -- 39 targets, 24 catches, 327 yards (8.4), 5 TD
Jack Kraus (6'5, 235, RSFr.)

Dominique Reed has come alive of late. He caught 11 passes in the first eight games of the year but has caught 12 for 246 yards in the last three. Meanwhile, Jared Cornelius has caught 11 for 175 in that same span. Their emergence has given Arkansas too many weapons for opponents to control. Tight end Hunter Henry has had a couple of huge games (eight catches for 117 against Toledo, seven for 129 against MSU), and while Drew Morgan is still the top target, he's not under nearly as much pressure with the other guys doing so well. He had nine catches for 122 yards against Ole Miss and seven for 84 against MSU.

This unit is quickly becoming as deep as Mississippi State's receiving corps. Wherever there's a matchup advantage, Brandon Allen appears capable of taking advantage of it.

Denver Kirkland (6'5, 340, Jr.) -- 32 career starts
Johnny Gibson (6'4, 330, RSFr.)

Sebastian Tretola (6'5, 334, Sr.) -- 22 career starts
Josh Allen (6'2, 300, Fr.)

Mitch Smothers (6'3, 322, Sr.) -- 32 career starts
Zach Rogers (6'1, 310, Fr.)

Frank Ragnow (6'5, 312, So.) -- 11 career starts
Marcus Danenhauer (6'4, 312, Sr.)

Dan Skipper (6'10, 331, Jr.) -- 32 career starts
Brian Wallace (6'6, 317, RSFr.)

The Arkansas line is actually living up to the the hype last year. In 2014, the Hogs boasted all the size and beef in the world but ranked just 46th in Adj. Line Yards and 17th in Adj. Sack Rate. This year: seventh and 16th, respectively. The ball comes out of Allen's hands pretty quickly, but the Hogs are doing a good job of giving him time when he needs it.

The way Arkansas has played of late, this is almost certainly the best offense Missouri has faced this year. Does the Missouri defense have one more great performance in it?