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Freshmen and sophomores took 40% of Missouri's snaps in 2015

Here are three Mizzou things for Saturday. Consider this your live thread for the day.

1. BREAKING: Mizzou had a young football team in 2015

David Morrison put up his Snap Decisions summary on Thursday. A couple of immediately interesting things:

  • Seniors accounted for 79% of the snaps on the offensive line and barely 50% at any other position -- 55% at safety, 54% at running back, 43% at linebacker ... 22% at receiver, 2% at rush end, 1% at nickel back.
  • Freshmen and sophomores, meanwhile, accounted for 44% of snaps on offense and 36% on defense. That's exciting.
  • Freshman took at least 25% of the snaps at each defensive line positions. That's insane. Just gotta figure out that whole "offensive line" thing next year. Kind of important.

2. Mizzou Twitter was fun yesterday.

Lots of current and former student athletes giving out well wishes, and lots of Mizzou fans sharing pics of their Mizzou gifts with us.

3. We're awaiting word on whether or not Terrence shot his eye out.