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2015 Missouri spring practice: The adventures of Connor McGovern

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Spring Break is over. Spring football is back, which means more updates about injuries and how well the offensive line is coming together. Also, we ponder the biggest question in life: tattoos or Phish?

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Practice Updates: All about the offensive line

It's probably worth checking out David Morrison's post just for the The "12 Labours of Connor McGovern"

The senior right guard that haileth from Fargo

Offers training tips to his linemates, sans embargo.

Benching nearly five bills, squatting 785,

He designed a home gym at which he could thrive.

"The fact it looks like a dungeon is probably my favorite," McGovern said of his basement workout facility. "It feels like the old-school bodybuilding gyms that are always in the rundown part of town. You just see concrete walls. I like that aspect of it. I have all the weights I need and, whoever wants to" can "come over and work out. It's fun."

Via Connor McGovern's Instagram, we can get a glimpse into his own private dungeon:

Traveled home, celebrated Christmas with my family, now recovery workout. 2015 starts today. #herewego #1homegym

A photo posted by Connor McGovern (@mcgovenator60) on

Post-Dispatch: Mizzou football back in action

Here’s the advantage to having a veteran offensive line:

They can adjust on the fly, even in the middle of a live 11-on-11 drill. Boehm decided during Tuesday’s practice that the line needed to add an extra call to keep from tipping their blocking assignments to the defense. In the middle of a series, Boehm asked Ricker if they could try his idea. They did. It worked. "He trusts us 100 percent and we trust him 100 percent," Boehm said. "It’s going to be a fun season this year."

Post-Dispatch: Mizzou returns seasoned offensive line

"If you were to watch the offensive line and (someone) said, ‘Pick out the newcomer,’ I don’t think you really could," Boehm said. "I think Clay’s holding his own and doing a great job. … When you take ownership like that and you want to get better like that, he’s destined to be a great player."

PowerMizzou: Spring Notebook: 3/31

If you need more of a mental image on how big McGovern is, chew on this -- in New York City with his family two years ago, McGovern wanted to get a banded tattoo on his right bicep. Sitting at King's Avenue Tattoo, McGovern was told it would take three hours.

Instead, it lasted six hours, keeping him from attending a Phish concert at Madison Square Garden with his family.

"Not that Phish isn't a great band, but I was OK with missing that concert," McGovern said.