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Missouri football 2015: SUMMER DEPTH CHART

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We're still waiting for Missouri's new media guide to be made available online, but members of the local press have seen it and passed it along. It's from mid-June and therefore still contains Harold Brantley, but ... when you're starving, you'll eat whatever's in front of you.

You can find the entire depth chart in the link above (from David Morrison) or here (from Dave Matter). Some quick notes:

  • Morgan Steward is listed as the No. 3 running back. Obviously with his lingering hip issues, we're in "believe it when we see it" mode regarding his future on the field, but this is a positive sign. But between Russell Hansbrough, Ish Witter, and the newcomers (the freshmen and, assuming he passes one more JUCO class, Chase Abbington), Mizzou does not lack for backs.
  • No surprises at WR. Nate Brown, Wesley Leftwich, and J'Mon Moore are listed as starters, with three redshirt freshmen listed on the second string. Ray Wingo is still a third-stringer, but that's not shocking considering how late in spring he moved to WR. I would bet he ends up a No. 2, but he's got work to do.
  • Clayton Echard is still holding off Kendall Blanton as the No. 3 tight end, though obviously they'll both be used situationally -- Echard as an extra TE in power situations, Blanton (in theory) as an extra receiver at times.
  • Connor McGovern is indeed listed as a left tackle, as the coaches suggested he would be in the spring. It's a little bit interesting to see the shifts that have taken place here -- McGovern from right guard to left tackle, Taylor Chappell from right tackle to left guard -- but we know that McGovern is flexible, and that Brad McNulty will play a role at the guard position. And Jordan Williams' transfer means there's now a place for big Kevin Pendleton on the second string (right guard).
  • With Marcus Loud gone, Walter Brady is now listed as a starting defensive end along with Charles Harris. He certainly seemed to have the best spring of the RSFrs. This does mean that Mizzou will be potentially starting two two-star defensive ends, and WE WOULDN'T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY.
  • Here's something less expected: Rocel McWilliams is now listed as a third-stringer behind both Spencer Williams and ... walk-on Justin Grava. Either Grava is looking pretty impressive, or the coaches are sending McWilliams a message. The latter would not be unheard of.
  • Terry Beckner Jr. is the only freshman listed among the position players, presumably as a way to fend off unnecessary "HE QUALIFIED, RIGHT??" online panic attacks.
  • Another interesting move: redshirt freshman Brandon Lee is now ahead of Eric Beisel at MLB. Beisel missed part of spring with injury, but this could be another "sending a message" situation. Both Beisel and McWilliams are regarded as fiercely competitive, so we'll see how they react.
  • Anthony Sherrils' nice spring has kept him ahead of Cortlant Browning at strong safety. Meanwhile, Logan Cheadle is ahead of David Johnson in the final No. 2 CB spot. You always like it when underclassmen overtake upperclassmen who are more or less known quantities. This is a sign of lovely depth.
  • Tavon Ross is listed! Granted, he's a third-stringer, but his recovery from a winter knee ligament tear continues apace, apparently.
  • Freshman Corey Fatony: first-string punter. Here goes nothing.