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Missouri announces a series of new football game day enhancements

Each year, Gary Pinkel says he evaluates everything and makes necessary adjustments in areas that need improvement. This year is no different, but one area of focus has been on the fan experience on game days in Columbia. As Director of Event Management Derek Doolittle said, "Providing a safe and exciting environment for Mizzou Football fans is our biggest priority. We strive to continue creating an outstanding product for our visitors."

One area of frustration over the years for fans has been the concession stands. If you’ve ever gone to get food at half time, the line was probably very long, and the selection was less then desirable. In partnership with Levy Restaurants, adjustments have been made to decrease customer wait times and improve the food variety available.

Additionally, if you had the privilege of traveling to other SEC stadiums, you probably received a promo item as you entered the stadium. This year Mizzou will be providing giveaway items such as rally towels, pom-poms and fans. These giveaways will be available at selected games while supplies last.

Finally, there will be a live DJ throughout the game. DJ Beatz and NicDanger will team up to provide music intended to engage fans of all ages. You may recognize them from their original remix of the Pinkel Dance. They will be positioned on the North end zone hill just above the track.