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Drew Lock shines in Missouri's first fall scrimmage

Fullback U.

Some quick thoughts from today's first scrimmage:

  • This doesn't have to lead to any bold conclusions, but Drew Lock was the best-looking quarterback today. According to David Morrison's unofficial stats, he went 14-for-19 for 136 yards and two scores, but more than that, he proved what the recruiting services saw: he can make every single damn throw. Anything within 10 yards feels like a long handoff. He did lose a fumble at one point, too. Mizzou obviously has a starting quarterback and three decent-to-solid backups, so there's no reason to feel rushed in tearing off Lock's redshirt. But damn, he looked good today.
  • Marvin Zanders continues to show a decent arm (not Lockian but good enough), but damn, he's fast.
  • Morgan Steward's back! With no red jersey on, he was given a heavy load -- he didn't do a ton with it (nine carries for about 19 yards), but he was running strong and confident. No obvious hesitance.
  • Neither here nor there, but Ish Witter made a really nice block with a quarterback rolling out. He seems to be doing a good job with the Little Things.
  • After a while, every quarterback was gunning the ball downfield, and the receivers made it pay off. J'Mon Moore caught five passes for 104 yards, and both Johnathon Johnson and Justin Smith (with what seemed like 10-yard strides) caught long bombs. Smith's went for a touchdown, and Johnson was dragged down near the goal line ... injuring his ankle in the process. It could be a serious injury -- he was carted off the field and taken in for tests. But the ball was spread around to quite a few of the young guys, and they almost all made plays. And after a quiet scrimmage, Wesley Leftwich caught a 32-yard touchdown from Maty Mauk.
  • Charles Harris had a couple of tackles for loss, Kentrell Brothers had a sack, and Cam Hilton (who was working with the second-string quite a bit) made a nice fourth-down stop. Otherwise no one from the defense stood out in a major way. That's fine with me, though. I have far more questions about the O than the D.
  • No crazy-awesome plays from Terry Beckner Jr., but ... you can tell. Big, strong, fast.

Fullback U. should have quite a few video updates later in the day. Right now, the big story is Johnathon Johnson, who could very much be in line to play this year if his injury isn't too bad. And it might be. (The other story, of course, is how good Lock looked.)

Stats from First Scrimmage: