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Corbin Berkstresser's hobbies include Navy SEAL training, special teams work

Here are five Mizzou things for Sunday, August 23. 13 days till football season.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant 1. Just in case you didn't like Corbin Berkstresser enough already...

The Trib: Team comes first for Berkstresser in final year at MU

Kim Berkstresser got a text from her son Thursday afternoon.

Corbin Berkstresser, Missouri’s 6-foot-3, 220-pound senior quarterback, had performed well in limited duty during the Tigers’ scrimmage earlier in the day, throwing a 55-yard touchdown pass to Jake Brents.

But that’s not why he texted his mother.

"He said he blocked a punt," Kim said. "So he was really excited."

Corbin had busted through a wedge of blockers during Missouri’s special teams drills before the scrimmage started, swiping at freshman Corey Fatony’s foot and sending the ball wobbling off.

Moms don't lie, so...

Mizzou Tigers pennant 2. Richaud Floyd and his family went through hell 10 years ago

The Missourian: After Hurricane Katrina, football was an escape for Missouri football's Richaud Floyd

Before Katrina, practices for the Gulfport youth football league the boys played in had already started. While they were in Jackson, Richaud Floyd asked his mother if the season was canceled.

The answer was no.

"Some of my coworkers … they canceled their football league because of the storm," said Larry Davis, the athletics coordinator for the Gulfport Department of Leisure Services. "I said, ‘I’m going to go ahead and do mine. To get people’s mind off the storm. Do something other than clean up."

Mizzou Tigers pennant 3. #RealTalk

First, Chase Daniel posted this...

...then Dave Steckel posted this.

And since it was pre-YouTube, all that exists from that game is this.

Mizzou Tigers pennant 4. When Ben Askren retires from MMA...

...he could have himself a pretty good Travel Channel show, where he just travels around the world accepting dares.

FloWrestling: Ben Askren vs Zain Retherford: The Watermelon Challenge

Mizzou Tigers pennant 5. Pretty creepy, Truman

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