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Mizzou Football Fall Camp Day One Report: Defensive Line and Wide Receivers

Notes and Observations from the first day of Mizzou Fall Camp

Here's the most updated Mizzou Depth Chart, complete with roster numbers, measurables and status:

#33 Cam Hilton 6'0 180 Fr.
#5 Cortland Browning 6'1 205 Sr.
#22 Anthony Sherrils 6'0 190 So.

#48 Rodrick Winters 5'11 225 RS Fr.

#38 Eric Beisel 6'3 225 So.

------ OR ------

#24 Terez Hall 5'11 215 Fr.

#15 Grant Jones 225 RS Fr.

#34 Joey Burkett 6'2 210 So. #4 Brandon Lee 6'2 220 RS Fr. #40 Clarence Green 6'0 220 Sr.
#10 Kentrell Brothers 6'1 235 Sr.

#30 Michael Scherer 6'3 230 Jr.

#25 Donavin Newsom 6'2 230 Jr.
#6 Tavon Ross 6'0 200 RS Fr.
#8 Thomas Wilson 5'10 190 So.
#21 Ian Simon 6'0 195 Sr.
#31 Finnis Stribling IV 5'11 175 RS Fr.
#28 Logan Cheadle 5'10 180 So.
#11 Aarion Penton 5'10 190 Jr.


#98 Rocel McWilliams 6'2 240 RS Fr.
#92 Justin Grava 6'3 250 Jr. #96 A.J. Logan 6'2 300 So. #88 Tyler Hanneke 6'4 250 Jr. #13 Spencer Williams 6'3 245 RS Fr.

#56 Walter Brady 6'3 255 RS Fr.

#97 Josh Augusta 6'4 345 Jr. #95 Rickey Hatley 6'4 285 Jr. #91 Charles Harris 6'3 255 So.
Thomas Wilson
#25 Donavin Newsom 6'2 230 Jr.
#28 DeAndre McKenzie 6'1 185 Sr.
#1 John Gibson 6'0 190 Jr.
#7 Kenya Dennis 5'11 200 Sr.
#17 DeSean Blair 6'3 190 RS Fr.
#6 J'Mon Moore 6'3 190 RS So.
#14 Ray Wingo 5'11 180 RS Fr.
#2 Nate Brown 6'3 205 So.
#41 Eric Laurent 6'2 215 Jr.
#16 Thomas Richard 6'1 190 RS Fr.

#60 Connor McGovern 6'4 305 RS Sr. #62 Taylor Chappell 6'5 305 RS Sr. #77 Evan Boehm 6'3 320 Sr. #73 Mitch Hall 6'5 310 RS Sr. #55 Nate Crawford 6'5 300 So.
#70 Malik Cuellar 6'5 300 Jr. #63 Brad McNulty 6'4 300 RS. Sr. #57 Alec Abeln 6'3 290 So. #71 Kevin Pendleton 6'4 315 RS Fr. #72 Clay Rhodes 6'5 290 So.
#64 Paul Adams 6'6 290 RS Fr. #78 Andy Bauer 6'3 310 RS Fr. #56 Sam Bailey 6'5 270 RS Fr. #66 Adam Ploudre 6'4 295 So. #68 Mike Fairchild 6'5 295 RS Fr.
#65 Tanner Owen 6'5 275 Fr. #52 Jordan Hill 6'2 270 So.

#58 Nick Skalak 6'5 290 Fr.
#80 Sean Culkin 6'6 245 Jr.
#10 Jason Reese 6'5 250 So.
#82 Clayton Echard 6'5 260 Sr.
#11 Kendall Blanton 6'6 250 RS. Fr.
#54 Nick Monaghan 6'2 245 Sr.

#18 Wesley Leftwich 6'1 205 Sr.
#15 Keyon Dilosa 6'3 200 RS Fr.
#26 Jake Brents 6'3 205 Jr.
#7 Maty Mauk 6'0 195 Jr.
#9 Eddie Printz 6'3 205 So.
#1 Marvin Zanders 6'1 185 RS Fr.
#13 Corbin Berkstresser6'3 210 Sr.
#12 John Eierman 6'0 210 RS Fr.
#3 Drew Lock 6'4 205 Fr.

#32 Russell Hansbrough 5'9 195 RS Sr.
#21 Ish Witter 5'10 190 So.
#36 Morgan Steward 6'0 210 Jr.
#35 Tyler Hunt 5'10 190 RS Fr.

Observations from the first day of Mizzou Football Camp

Fullback U

Mizzou's Captains for the 2015 season:

#77 Evan Boehm, #21 Ian Simon, #32 Russell Hansbrough, #7 Kenya Dennis

There was some rumblings about Kentrell Brothers being passed over for captaincy. Kentrell Brothers was asked after practice on not being named a captain, "I'm kind of disappointed but they picked four great seniors. I'm still going to lead."

David Morrison noted something interesting about Texans and Mizzou captains.

Jersey number changes:

#5 John Gibson CB

#3 Cortland Browning S

#39 Chase Abbington RB

#19 Ronnell Perkins S

#94 Tyrell Jacobs DT

True freshmen listed on Mizzou's initial depth chart:

- LT Tanner Owen

- RG Adam Ploudre

- QB Drew Lock

- LB Terez Hall

- SS Cam Hilton

Defensive Line

I started over by the defensive line because, well I'm a big fan of their recent work, plus I wanted to catch a glimpse of Terry Beckner Jr (#79) and Josh Ausgusta (#97).

Because of the way Mizzou handles the media we get to watch the position groups go through drills and then they form up for stretching lines. The defensive line spent their first drill practicing various DL specific moves like spin, rip, club, etc.

I'm not the tallest guy on the Rock M Nation masthead (only 6'2) but it was obvious from how close I was that Josh Augusta, Terry Beckner Jr. and RIckey Hatley are all legitimately big dudes, by which I mean all of them stand 6'4" or taller.

Josh Augusta is big, and it is no stretch to believe he weighs at least 345, but seeing him run drills you wouldn't believe it. We've all seen him during games but up close he's nimble and moves well. The concern of course is conditioning but in this pad-less practice session it's hard to gauge such a thing. Since Augusta has been bumped up to first team DT I'll try and keep an eye on it.

Charles Harris and Rickey Hatley are physically impressive and in peak physical condition. Mizzou may lack for significant depth, but the starters look very capable of handling SEC play.

A final note, while one side of the DE depth chart goes three deep, the other only goes two and fails to include JUCO DE Marcell Frazier, not sure why that is but he was practicing with everyone and did not appear injured at all.

Wide Receivers

I found it encouraging that Nate Brown has retained his position at H (slot) receiver position and curious that J'Mon Moore - who by all accounts has matured significantly and was called the most athletic WR on the team by Bud Sasser - slipped behind DeSean Blair at the X receiver position.

Senior CB and captain Kenya Dennis, when asked about who impressed him from the WRs, praised J'Mon Moore and true freshman Johnathan Johnson, who he described as running very crisp routes and was incredible in space. Asked about trying to defend true freshman Justin Smith who stands 6'7, Dennis said it was tough but that Smith was young and was raw as a route runner.

Brandon Kiley was able to catch a few highlights of Mauk passing to the WRs:

Mauk to Nate Brown

Mauk to Nate Brown again

Mauk to Keyon Dilosa

At the end of day, the last person I saw come off the practice field was TE Sean Culkin, he seemed to be working on honing his catching skills.
I hope to be able to provide more insight about the wide receivers tomorrow morning.

Injuries and other Notes
On the injury front Mizzou had 3 players in red non-contact jerseys: first string RT Nate Crawford, third string guard Andy Bauer (who came to Mizzou with a hip injury) & 3rd string RB Morgan Steward (also recovering from a hip injury that required surgery).

LT Connor McGovern says he's 100% to go for Mizzou's first scrimmage, says the brace for his knee is just precautionary. Evan Boehm on Connor McGovern playing LT, "Connor's an athlete, a stud, he can do anything you ask him to. He can playing RB if you need him to." McGovern spoke about developing a comfort with the change in position and how it required becoming more ambidextrous because he's lining up on the opposite side of the line.

McGovern said he'd benefited greatly from facing DE Charles Harris who he called "one of the best defensive ends in the SEC".

Evan Boehm on meeting former NFL DE Justin Smith, "He's huge. I never realized how big he was. He's ginormous. I shook his hand and it kind of hurt."

Kenya Dennis was very forthcoming during his post-practice interviews. At one point when asked about the defense being less able to rely on pressure from the defensive line, Kenya Dennis said Barry Odom has the corners playing closer to the line of scrimmage and more aggressive vs when Dave Steckel was DC. He went on to mention he could see the linebackers and corners blitzing much more, even joking about looking forward to getting some sacks of his own.

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