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A close look at the quarterbacks from Day 2 of Missouri's 2015 fall camp

Notes and observations from the second day of Mizzou Fall Camp.

Josh Henson working with the tight ends on Day Two of Fall Camp
Josh Henson working with the tight ends on Day Two of Fall Camp

Here's a rough stab at Mizzou's depth chart, updated 8/7/15. Information is per Mizzou's official depth chart, and gaps are filled in based on observations from Mizzou Fall Camp when available.

#33 Cam Hilton 6'0 180 Fr.
#5 Cortland Browning 6'1 205 Sr.
#22 Anthony Sherrils 6'0 190 So.
#48 Rodrick Winters 5'11 225 RS Fr.

#38 Eric Beisel 6'3 225 So.

------ OR ------

#24 Terez Hall 5'11 215 Fr.

#15 Grant Jones 225 RS Fr.

#34 Joey Burkett 6'2 210 So. #4 Brandon Lee 6'2 220 RS Fr. #40 Clarence Green 6'0 220 Sr.
#10 Kentrell Brothers 6'1 235 Sr.

#30 Michael Scherer 6'3 230 Jr.

#25 Donavin Newsom 6'2 230 Jr.
#6 Tavon Ross 6'0 200 RS Fr.
#8 Thomas Wilson 5'10 190 So.
#21 Ian Simon 6'0 195 Sr.
#31 Finnis Stribling IV 5'11 175 RS Fr.
#28 Logan Cheadle 5'10 180 So.
#11 Aarion Penton 5'10 190 Jr.
#88 Nate Howard 6'5 220 Fr. #79 Terry Beckner Jr. 6'4 300 Fr.
#94 Tyrell Jacobs 6'4 260 Fr.
#16 Marcell Frazier 6'5 265 Jr. #61 Adam Roland RS Fr. 6'3 315
#98 Rocel McWilliams 6'2 240 RS Fr.
#92 Justin Grava 6'3 250 Jr. #96 A.J. Logan 6'2 300 So. #88 Tyler Hanneke 6'4 250 Jr. #13 Spencer Williams 6'3 245 RS Fr.

#56 Walter Brady 6'3 255 RS Fr.

#97 Josh Augusta 6'4 345 Jr. #95 Rickey Hatley 6'4 285 Jr. #91 Charles Harris 6'3 255 So.
Thomas Wilson
#25 Donavin Newsom 6'2 230 Jr.
#28 DeAndre McKenzie 6'1 185 Sr.
#1 John Gibson 6'0 190 Jr.
#7 Kenya Dennis 5'11 200 Sr.
#17 DeSean Blair 6'3 190 RS Fr.
#6 J'Mon Moore 6'3 190 RS So.
#14 Ray Wingo 5'11 180 RS Fr.
#2 Nate Brown 6'3 205 So.
#41 Eric Laurent 6'2 215 Jr.
#16 Thomas Richard 6'1 190 RS Fr.

#60 Connor McGovern 6'4 305 RS Sr. #62 Taylor Chappell 6'5 305 RS Sr. #77 Evan Boehm 6'3 320 Sr. #73 Mitch Hall 6'5 310 RS Sr. #55 Nate Crawford 6'5 300 So.
#70 Malik Cuellar 6'5 300 Jr. #63 Brad McNulty 6'4 300 RS. Sr. #57 Alec Abeln 6'3 290 So. #71 Kevin Pendleton 6'4 315 RS Fr. #72 Clay Rhodes 6'5 290 So.
#64 Paul Adams 6'6 290 RS Fr. #78 Andy Bauer 6'3 310 RS Fr. #56 Sam Bailey 6'5 270 RS Fr. #66 Adam Ploudre 6'4 295 RS So. #68 Mike Fairchild 6'5 295 RS Fr.
#65 Tanner Owen 6'5 275 Fr. #52 Jordan Hill 6'2 270 So.

#58 Nick Skalak 6'5 290 Fr.
#80 Sean Culkin 6'6 245 Jr.
#10 Jason Reese 6'5 250 So.
#82 Clayton Echard 6'5 260 Sr.
#11 Kendall Blanton 6'6 250 RS. Fr.
#54 Nick Monaghan 6'2 245 Sr.

#18 Wesley Leftwich 6'1 205 Sr.
#15 Keyon Dilosa 6'3 200 RS Fr.
#26 Jake Brents 6'3 205 Jr.
#7 Maty Mauk 6'0 195 Jr.
#9 Eddie Printz 6'3 205 So.
#1 Marvin Zanders 6'1 185 RS Fr.
#13 Corbin Berkstresser6'3 210 Sr.
#12 John Eierman 6'0 210 RS Fr.
#3 Drew Lock 6'4 205 Fr.

#32 Russell Hansbrough 5'9 195 RS Sr.
#21 Ish Witter 5'10 190 So.
#36 Morgan Steward 6'0 210 Jr.
#35 Tyler Hunt 5'10 190 RS Fr.

Off the top, we found out the reason J'Mon Moore fell behind DeSean Blair on the depth chart. According to J'Mon himself, he got in an argument with a coach during summer workouts. By his own account, he understands that he broke some trust and understands his punishment but is working to earn his spot back.

True freshman Emanuel Hall had a fantastic catch on Friday morning.

I ended up watching Mizzou's quarterbacks run through some drills today. I want to apologize for the lack of clarity because of the sun. It was the only angle we were allowed that gave us a clear view of the quarterbacks.

And here's Maty Mauk working on some quick passes

The quarterbacks went through a general sort of short, intermediate, and deep passing drills, lining up walk-ons to catch the ball while the wide receivers were on the other side of the field practicing breaking presses and running crisp routes.

During one drill the ball is snapped rapidly to the QB, who throws a fast pass into the flat. Every QB made four passes in rapid succession, two to the left and two to the right. I watched Mauk catch the first two and deliver solid passes to the left (one dropped through no fault of his), but when he switched up to throw to his right, his first pass was too far forward and uncatchable, and on the second, Mauk bobbled the snap and delivered a bullet pass at the receiver's feet. As soon as the pass hit the ground, he turned and yelled at himself, so you could tell he was frustrated. Thin-slicing that drill, I would think he still has to work on his footwork to a degree. Mauk remains very strong lobbing deep passes. I distinctly recall seeing one back-shoulder sideline pass that looked both beautiful and indefensible.

Eddie Printz looks natural throwing the ball on short to intermediate passes. To my eye, every pass he threw was on target. The only area where I think he struggled -- to a degree -- was on deeper passes where he had to put his body into the throw. That isn't to say he can't throw deep, but I think he's still working on adjusting how putting more of his body into a throw affects ball placement and accuracy. The passes were still mostly caught (mind you, it's against air), but the receivers had to adjust their speed/route to bring it in.

Third stringer Marvin Zanders zips the ball on short and intermediate passes but tends to lack the accuracy to consistently place the ball where he wants or where the receiver wants it. Several of his passes were high or over the receiver's hands (one ended up landing right in front of me). He also struggles on deeper passes because it appears, to a greater degree than any of the other quarterbacks I saw, he has to torque his body to launch it deeper.

Corbin Berkstresser honestly looks pretty good, arguably better than Zanders, but that's to be expected for the redshirt senior. To an extent it felt like these drills were second nature to him. We knew he has a strong arm, but he appeared to have enough touch on his shorter passes (to the flat, for example) that the receiver could catch and turn upfield naturally. (One of those passes was to Morgan Steward, so that's a double bonus!).

Here we get our first glimpse of freshman Drew Lock throwing some quick passes. I don't want to hype him up too much, but he definitely looks like a premiere quarterback in terms of arm velocity and athleticism. I tried to pay attention to his footwork, but it's tough to get a feel when they run two drop-backs at a time before switching it up. I also can't say I recall seeing him throw a deep ball. I'm sure he did, but I'll refrain from commenting on that regard.

I don't have too much more to say about Lock except he's still taking reps behind walk-on Johnny Eierman.