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Missouri-Arkansas State will feature two defenses set on aggression, forcing mistakes

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Here are today's Mizzou Links.

Derrick Forsythe

Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

All sorts of Barry Odom.

In the Post-Dispatch, Arkansas State quarterback Fredi Knighten gave us a quick glimpse of how opponents are viewing what Odom is doing so far.

P-D: What are your impressions of this Missouri defense?

KNIGHTEN: They do a lot of things on the back end. Their secondary will have a lot of different looks to give us. Their front end, we’ve been able to prepare for the two looks they’ll give us with our own defense and also preparing for USC. We’ll have some carryover there. They look strong, they look fast, they look athletic.

Mizzou Tigers pennant On ASU

I'm a day late on my ASU preview, but I promise it's coming! First week's always a nightmare for the to-do list.

PowerMizzou: Opposing View: Arkansas State

PM: Along those lines, what kind of defense do the Red Wolves run, and what are some of their tendencies? Are they more conservative or aggressive on defense?

JC: Arkansas State will show you many looks. There isn't a set type of defense, but normally they'll pin their ears back and come after you. They get a lot pressure from the defensive line, but they're definitely not afraid to send the linebackers after you. They have a ball hawk at safety in Bo Sentimore and another that can knock you out in Cody Brown. The other rotational player you see with them is former starting safety Chris Humes who has worked his way back from a season ending injury last season. He can do it all and is very talented. There is usually a lot of man coverage from the corners and they trust them to be able to hold the receivers long enough for the d line to do their job.

Post-Dispatch: BenFred's Quick Read: Mizzou at ASU

• Number of people that ask @Dave_Matter which channel ESPN3 is on their TV carrier: OVER 19.5.

• Number of times ESPN3 freezes, and you throw something while simultaneously wondering why a ranked, two-time defending division champion of the nation’s best conference can’t be on regular television when said conference has its own television network with multiple alternate channels: OVER 0.5

• Knighten’s rushing yards: UNDER 65.5 (ASU was 6-0 last season when Knighten ran for more than that, and 1-6 when he didn’t.)

And I'll be referencing this in the preview, but one of my Study Hallers is a USC guy who broke down USC-ASU yesterday ... feel free to sneak a peek at the post from the ASU perspective.

Mizzou Tigers pennant More Mizzou:

PowerMizzou: One direction

Post-Dispatch: Mizzou's Abeln takes center stage

The Trib (David Morrison): Stat Spotlight: Missouri's Road Success

Control the Ground: Missouri is outrushing its opponents, 208.9-121.7, in its 10 road wins and piling up nearly 5 yards per rush against 3.46. A good example: the 335 yards on 49 carries the Tigers posted last season at Texas A&M.

Score Early: Missouri's average first score in the 10 wins came at the 9:16 mark of the first quarter. Its opponents scored first at the 13:05 mark of the second quarter, on average. The Tigers scored in the first quarter of all 10 games and outscored opponents, 100-26. The only game in which they failed to score a touchdown in the first quarter was against Texas A&M last year. The only game in which the other team took the first lead was, surprisingly, Kentucky in 2013. Missouri went on to win, 48-17. In all, the Tigers have led about 77 percent of the time during their road win streak, been tied about 13 percent of the time and trailed about 10 percent of the time.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Loftin getting his name and face out there SEC Introduces Working Group on Student-Athlete Conduct
Post-Dispatch: MU chancellor will chair SEC group to examine athlete conduct

Mizzou Tigers pennant THRUST NUNCHUK UPWARD

The Tennessean: Titans' Chase Coffman ready to show versatility

It was a lively weekend for Coffman, who made the initial cut to 53 players on the roste, and then was released on Sunday to make room for new running back Terrance West. When running back David Cobb (calf) was officially placed on short-term injured reserve on Monday, the Titans re-signed Coffman.

"They kind of told me the situation," Coffman said, "but even though you know what’s happening … Until it happens, it’s tough to deal with."

Coffman could have signed with another team at that point if there was interest, but he said he’d already made up his mind to return to the Titans.

Mizzou Tigers pennant It does kind of feel like she's been around for like seven years (in a good way)...

Mizzou Tigers pennant WHO'S SIGNING UP?? National Anthem Tryouts Set For Sept. 22