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Missouri's 2016 schedule features 7 home games and early trips to WVU and LSU

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The SEC released its complete schedules on Thursday evening. Here's Missouri's.

Bill Carter

Missouri's 2016 season is officially out, and it's a doozy. It pulls off an impressive combination of seven home games and one hell of a road slate.

  • September 3: at West Virginia
  • September 10: Eastern Michigan
  • September 17: Georgia
  • September 24: Delaware State
  • October 1: at LSU
  • October 15: at Florida
  • October 22: Middle Tennessee (Homecoming)
  • October 29: Kentucky
  • November 5: at South Carolina
  • November 12: Vanderbilt
  • November 19: at Tennessee
  • November 25/26: Arkansas

Some quick reactions:

  • The tradeoff with SEC scheduling is obvious -- important conference games begin early in the season, which means non-conference contests smattered throughout the year. I've always preferred the scheduling approach Missouri has mostly been able to import from the Big 12: most or all non-con games in September, important games later on. Next year changes that. Mizzou plays Georgia in Week 3 and LSU in Week 5, which means MTSU wraps up non-conference play in Week 8 ... where Mizzou's Homecoming is scheduled to land. Boo.
  • West Virginia, LSU, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee. That's a pretty impressive road slate.
  • The Beef had mentioned wanting to catch LSU later in the year, when he'd be more capable of going. I wanted LSU later in the year when maybe Leonard Fournette would be running out of fumes (yes, wishful thinking). It's probably good to get a bye week the week after playing LSU, but regardless, the trip to Baton Rouge comes up pretty early on.
  • Missouri will always be the team that beat WVU out for an SEC bid, but WVU will get a chance for retribution. Here's to hoping the Mizzou offense has figured some things out by then.
  • I'm hoping to take a look at next year's two-deep soon; now we have a schedule to keep in mind when I do.