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Zoulogy Ep 11: Missouri Tigers vs Florida Gators Self-scouting preview

Oscar and David return from the bye week to self-scout Missouri's offensive and defensive tendencies before the trip to Florida who just so happens to be coming off their own, surprise bye week.

Welcome back folks! Oscar and David are here once again to input hot Mizzou takes directly into your eardrums.

This week we start with the Florida/LSU game that was postponed due to Hurricane Matthew and then transition into Missouri's upcoming road game against Florida.


0:00 - Intros and the Florida/LSU controversy
6:30 - Florida and Mizzou matchup
9:20 - David deep-dives into Mizzou's offensive personnel usages and formations
What does Mizzou show when they want to run or pass?
15:32 - Damarea Crockett, Ish Witter and Mizzou's challenges running the balls
20:10 - MIzzou's usage and Drew Lock's execution of RPO's. Has the offense stagnated?
23:50 - Over-reliance on J'Mon Moore and distributing the ball
28:14 - MIA: the #TightEndPassGame
32:15 - To the defense! Discussing defensive line depth, fronts and schemes
42:30 - Making our Mizzou/Florida predictions

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