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Is there a silver lining for Mizzou going into the back half of the season?

With two conference losses already, Mizzou will need to refocus after the bye week if they still plan on making a bowl game.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday was a hot mess of crazy finishes, unexpected performances and polarized emotions from college football fans everywhere. Nevertheless, the playoff picture is still not completely clear, and bubble teams still pose a threat to those who sit “comfortably” at the top of the rankings .

While Washington and Baylor remain their conferences’ only hope of reaching the playoffs. The likelihood of either conference making the playoffs is as probable as Brian Kelly coaching the Irish next year. Both Washington and Baylor will need to navigate through a weakened conference that could provide a loss for both teams. With that said, I don’t see either team breaching the top four. For Louisville, I still believe they remain in contention for both a playoff bid and a Heisman trophy, even though they lost to Clemson in the most Louisville way of losing.

My predictions for the CFB playoffs after week 5.

  1. Ohio State
  2. Alabama
  3. Houston
  4. Michigan

Yes yes, I do believe the Big Ten will provide us two playoff contenders.

This is based off the assumption Tennessee losses to Alabama twice, after the Vols make it to Atlanta to play them again. I also believe Big O will beat Michigan, but only by a touchdown or less. I would only assume then, based off of Michigan’s regular season performances, they stay above every other one loss team. Houston is still a question mark, but I don’t see anyone going above them if they run the table through their schedule, but only if they lose to Louisville.

Oh.. and Clemson. FSU upsets them by 2 touchdowns on October 29th. You heard it here first folks.

Orgeron was perfect for LSU and Mizzou got to see it first hand

The LSU loss didn’t really exemplify Odom’s “Championship Vision”, but at the same token this game was over before Mizzou showed up in Baton Rouge. Mizzou got a front row seat to LSU’s talent on defense, and Odom had no answers. Regardless, Mizzou still has a great shot to finish with 5 or 6 wins.

On a side note, who knew Ceaux O was soooo good in front of the camera?

Mizzou’s schedule provides hope for a 5+ win season, HURRAY!

As disappointing as it is to set a goal for a 5-6 win season, it has become the reality for starved Mizzou fans. At this point, Odom will need to navigate through the rest of the schedule with one goal in mind, win at least four more games.

Mizzou can reach this goal, with winnable games against Kentucky, Middle Tennessee State, South Carolina, and Vandy. Bill’s win probability prediction for Missouri still has the Tigers favored by nearly 60% in those games. Never mind the 30% chance he gave Missouri against LSU last week ;).

I would also argue that an upset against either Florida, Tennessee, or Arkansas is necessary to provide the Mizzou community a sense of progression. Though expectations for these games have dropped tremendously after playing LSU. An upset win or not, I would call Odom’s inaugural season a success if Mizzou sees post season action.

ESPN currently predicts Missouri to face Tulsa in the Birmingham Bowl on December 29th.

Mizzou’s bowl game predictions

65% chance: 5-7 or 6-6 record: Birmingham Bowl or Texas Bowl

31% chance: 7-5 or 8-4 record: Belk Bowl, Music City or Liberty Bowl

4% chance: 9-3 record: Outback Bowl or Citrus Bowl