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Missouri releases kicker-free depth chart. Time to go for 2 every time!

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NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Missouri has released its depth chart and game notes for the Vanderbilt game. Here’s the two-deep (pdf). Click to enlarge.

Mizzou depth chart

The changes from last week:

  • Well, for starters, there is no kicker listed. I guess Mizzou will be going for it on every fourth down and going for two after every touchdown.
  • Adam Ploudre and Alec Abeln are now listed as co-starters at RG.
  • Kendall Blanton and Jason Reese are no longer listed as co-No. 2s at tight end. Blanton is full-time backup now, which matches what the snap counts have been telling us.
  • Anthony Sherrils is again listed as full-time starter at strong safety. He was co-starter with Ronnell Perkins previously.

And that’s pretty much it. Obviously the kicker situation is the most noteworthy change, though it is in no way a surprise. It would be surprising if Ben Tesson, maker of all of one PAT in his short career, weren’t the guy who lines up when Mizzou attempts its next kick (unless it’s a long field goal, anyway). As big a leg as Tucker McCann has, he’s lost his way this year, and sending him back out there would do him a disservice at the moment.

One other note:

Harris has had himself an impressive couple of weeks.