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Missouri’s Damarea Crockett arrested for marijuana possession, suspended

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UPDATE: Crockett is indeed suspended for Friday’s game against Arkansas.

So it might be good that Damarea Crockett hit 1,000 rushing yards last season — it was his last game of the season. Crockett was arrested for marijuana possession on Sunday morning and suspended on Monday.

According to, “MUPD officers arrested Damarea Crockett at 4:17 a.m. after they found him in a car with a few other people in a parking lot. Major Brian Weimer said Crockett was the only one accused of having marijuana, so he was the only person arrested.”

We know quite well that views differ regarding marijuana use, especially as it becomes legal in more areas of the country. Regardless, Crockett knows what happens if he gets caught, and he got caught.

Until Sunday morning, Crockett’s production had maybe been the most exciting story of Missouri’s 2016 season. He has rushed for more than 100 yards in five games, and his 225 yards against Tennessee on Saturday gave him the Mizzou freshman record for yards in a season. He will still be a point of optimism for Tiger fans into the offseason. But his season ends one game earlier than originally planned. Step on up, Nate Strong.