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Missouri defensive line coach Jackie Shipp fired

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Missouri head coach Barry Odom has fired defensive line coach Jackie Shipp, per reports emerging this afternoon.

From the Post-Dispatch’s Dave Matter:

According to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation, Shipp’s dismissal is related to an argument he had with a Mizzou player before Saturday’s game at Tennessee. He did not coach during the game and did not travel back to Columbia with the team, sources said. Shipp was not in attendance at Tuesday’s practice, after which reporters interviewed several other assistant coaches.

If the breaking point happened on Saturday, it’s impressive that we are only now learning about it, but ... we’ve learned about it now.

Shipp came to Columbia with an impressive resume that included stops at alma mater Oklahoma and Arizona State. He was Odom’s second choice after his first hire, Chris Wilson, took a job with the Philadelphia Eagles before spring practice began.

For whatever reason, Shipp’s coaching did not resonate with Mizzou’s personnel. The defensive line has been a devastating disappointment this year; Mizzou has fallen from 14th to 102nd in Rushing S&P+ and from 22nd to 91st in Adj. Line Yards.

This dismissal appears tied more to conduct than results. But one way or another, Odom will have a new man running his defensive line in 2017, and that might not be the worst thing in the world.

More details as they emerge.