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Missouri OL coach Glen Elarbee: "The good thing is, guys are getting a lot of reps"

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News, notes and quotes from the final spring practice

Injury Updates

Safety Ronnell Perkins, now wearing jersey #3, was also wearing a red pullover after a collision caused a rib injury. Perkins collided with receiver Johnathan Johnson making a play during last Saturday's scrimmage. Johnson was, according to Odom "pretty sore".

You'll hear later from AJ Harris that he's been practicing with a wrist injury that's limited him from playing center.

I saw running back Ryan Williams practicing without a red jersey but he appeared to be laboring a bit, Williams had knee and ankle injuries that held him out of practice last week. Odom confirmed that freshman running back Marquise Doherty has not practiced at all this spring, instead focusing on giving it "a full shot" to compete for the baseball team. He also confirmed that Trevon Walters had a setback last year to his ACL injury recovery when he was riding in the car accident with Terry Beckner during his car accident before the UConn game.

Barry Odom

-Lately the coaches have been focusing on installing situational practice, both offensively and defensively. For Saturday's spring game he said, "We’ll keep the #1 offense together, for sure, and we’ll keep the #1 defense as closely as we can on those groups together to see how they fit together in a game situation."

-Not ready to name a starting QB, "We’re going to talk a little more about that tomorrow morning. I think all three, have done some really good things. I’m excited to see those three guys in a game situation."

-On Harold Brantley remaining with the team, "If he can finish the way that he needs to academically, then absolutely. With the time he was gone and some things that he’s still working through hours-wise, when you get that old in college, there’s certain criteria that you’ve got to hit on the number of hours, so we’re working with him daily to try to get that done."

-On the running game, "I'm excited about what the staff has done on getting our guys in position. we have to be able to run the football, to help the quarterback position, to help the passing game we've got to be able to run it. Is it going to be a traditional line up and run the power with two backs in the back field? Yeah some. Is it going to be creative enough to get some different things with the tailbacks involved and different guys running the football we've just got to be smart and do a really good job on establishing a running game."

Cornell Ford, on incoming running back Natereace Strong:

Hear from coaches and players, courtesy of KTGR's Brandon Kiley:

Offensive line coach Glen Elarbee

Regarding the walk ons who've had to fill in,

"Probably the guy who's done the biggest job has been Adam Ploudre. He's done a great job for us, started a little bit, is in the rotation most of the time, has gotten better with his technique, has provided great depth and reps."

On the challenges of limited depth,

"We've been on a three-man weave every once in a while, it's been interesting, but the good thing is guys are getting a lot of reps."

On incoming 2016 recruits (Trystan Castillo and Tre'Vour Simms),

"Tre'Vour probably has a little more chance because of his length, to help us outside, but more than likely we'll see both as inside guys."

Elarbee said he counted on having Nate Crawford back this summer and being able to play either tackle or guard.

Offensive lineman AJ Harris

On moving around,

"Being an offensive lineman, you really do have to know every position on the field, so being in a position where you have to switch from, for example left guard to right guard, during practice can really can help the entire offense as a whole. Some people may view that as a bad thing but in our eyes it's kind of a good thing getting to know the entire scheme."

"I've played three different spots, left guard, right guard and center. I'm really open to all three, since I sprained my wrist I haven't been able to play center so I've been focusing on left and right guard."

On learning from Alec Abeln,

"He's definitely a big influence, he's a real technician kind of guy, you can watch his film and really learn a lot and he's always there to help give you pointers on your hands or footwork or body position."

On depth issues and injuries

"Most of the time a lot of injuries happen when people are standing around so honestly the hard and faster we play the less likely we are to be prone to injuries. We've almost been practicing harder now that our numbers have dropped."

Offensive lineman Tyler Howell

On getting adjusted after getting to Columbia in January, "Day and night, I'm in a lot better shape."

On playing against SEC competition, "If I can go against some of the best guys why would I not try and get some of that work, it'll just make me a better player in the end."

On Glen Elarbee, "He definitely knows his stuff. He pushes us every day. If we don't come ready to work at practice we'll definitely hear about it."

Biggest adjustment coming back to football after a year off? "Getting back in shape, you can do all the running you want by yourself, but it's a lot different when you're out there on the field."

On facing Mizzou's defensive line, "Going against those guys you better come ready to work."

Up Next

Missouri's Spring Game is this Saturday, April 16th at 5pm on the SEC Network. For more information check this post