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Facebook Friday: How many "ifs" does it take to make Missouri good in 2016?

It's time for everybody's favorite game ... Counting! The! Ifs!

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It's Friday, therefore it was time for another Facebook Live Q&A. The topic this time around: Counting the "ifs" that it takes to make Missouri a bowl team ... or an SEC East contender ... or something greater.

This list might change as time goes on (and based one what comments I get, I might rearrange the order or add a couple), but right now, here's what I've got.

To get back to a bowl...

1. The offensive line is not terrible

2. Drew Lock stabilizes

3. Tucker McCann is solid

4. Ish Witter is serviceable

To get back to 8-9 wins...

5. The second CB is solid

6. The defensive line is healthy (and therefore awesome)

7. The receiving corps can approximate 2012

8. Mizzou finds a return game

To become a legitimate SEC East contender...

9. Walter Brady or Marcell Frazier (or someone else) takes The Leap

10. The offensive line is downright good

To become a Top-10 contender...

11. Ish Witter (or someone else) turns into 2014 Russell Hansbrough, 2014 Marcus Murphy, 2013 Henry Josey, or something similar (he becomes awesome, in other words).

12. The receiving corps can approximate 2013